Why is finding a Franchise QB so important?

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Perhaps 10 years ago, that could have been made a case that teams could win the big one without the services of a great quarterback. Not today. Take a look back at the past 10 Super Bowl winning and losing quarterbacks.

Super Bowl XXXVI: Winner- Tom Brady   Loser- Kurt Warner

Super Bowl XXXVII: Winner- Brad Johnson   Loser- Rich Gannon

Super Bowl XXXVIIIWinner- Tom Brady   Loser- Jake Delhomme

Super Bowl XXXVIX: Winner- Tom Brady   Loser- Donovan McNabb

Super Bowl XL: Winner- Ben Roethlisberger   Loser- Matt Hasselbeck

Super Bowl XLI: Winner- Peyton Manning    Loser- Rex Grossman

Super Bowl XLII: Winner- Eli Manning   Loser- Tom Brady

Super Bowl XLIII: Winner- Ben Roethlisberger   Loser- Kurt Warner

Super Bowl XLIV: Winner- Drew Brees   Loser- Peyton Manning

Super Bowl XLV: Winner- Aaron Rodgers   Loser- Ben Roethlisberger

To make things simple, I crossed out the names of the ones who I believe were not franchise quarterbacks. That leaves 17. 17 of 20 quarterbacks from the past 10 Super Bowl’s. For those of us who aren’t so hot in math, that is a whopping 85%. Out of the three who weren’t franchise quarterbacks, only Brad Johnson was actually able to lead their team to the victory. Don’t tell me a franchise quarterback isn’t important.

For those of you saying, “who cares? We want the Dolphins in the playoffs first, then we’ll worry about the Super Bowl”, I’d like to share the following. Out of the 12 playoff teams in 2010, only two (the Chiefs and the Seahawks) didn’t have legitmate quarterbacks. An argument could be made for Matt Cassel, and let’s be honest here, the Seahawks weren’t really a playoff team. I’d be willing to bet my life savings that the Rams (with their new franchise quarterback Sam Bradford) will be in the playoffs ahead of Seattle in 2011.

I’m not saying there is a franchise quarterback available in this draft. But if Jeff Ireland and Co. believe that Blaine Gabbert or Cam Newton can be that guy, they should do everything in their power to make sure they land one of them. Look at the Jets. They had to move up 25 spots to land Mark Sanchez, but they believed in him, and they did it. Take a page out of our most hated rivals book, and do the same, Jeff.

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