Sun Life, Soldier, Reliant: What is in an NFL Stadium's Name?

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“You got fins to the left..fins to the right.”  That is the song chorus Phin Phanatics want to hear at home games.  It means the Phins scored again.  The song was implemented the year the Phins stadium became “LandShark Stadium,”  named for LandShark Lager, which is a brand of brew from Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville(TM) Brewing Company.   This got me curious about the Phins stadium name and the basis for other NFL stadium names.

The Phins currently play in Sun Life Stadium, but their stadium has changed names and even locations over the years.  They originally played in the Orange Bowl for many years and its colorful name meshed nicely with their team colors.  Former Owner Joe Robbie ultimately wanted a new stadium, and invested his own money ($115M) to build Joe Robbie Stadium.

Over the years, the stadium has been called Pro Player Stadium, Pro Player Park, Dolphin Stadium, Dolphins Stadium, my personal favorite; LandShark Stadium (thus the reference to “Fins,” even today), and most recently Sun Life Stadium

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