Pat White: Two Time Loser

O.k. don’t crucify me, the title was simply instituted to irritate the Pat White supporters out there.  I don’t know the kid anymore than I know Dan Marino. For all I know he could be one helluva philanthropist.  Of course with the money he took from Miami he should be.  Anyways, I digress, the former 2nd round bust for the Miami Dolphins, a player who should go down in history as one of Bill Parcells’ biggest wasted draft picks, has “retired” from baseball. After one season on a farm team I might add.  I suppose this makes him a two time loser?


How the hell do you not want to play baseball?

White was signed by the Kansas City Royals after he was released from the Dolphins prior to the start of last season.  Remember, White was abscent the opening of training camp and his brother came out publicly and said that he was “dealing with some issues” or something to that affect.  He returned on day 2 as I recall and didn’t do anything.   He was released shortly thereafter.

So, he turned to the more suitable baseball gig, as pointed out in our comments, he didn’t play at the college level.  White was a star at West Virginia and to this day, his college fans will stick up for him to the very end, (probably a few in our comments section).  Now it appears that Pat White’s personal issues have driven him from sports all together.

The Royals released a statement that White did not show up for spring training after being assigned to a development league last year.  Hmmmm, same as with the Dolphins.  To me this is a kid that simply had it too good at WV and doesn’t possess the work ethic a pro athlete needs to compete and get better.  Talent alone doesn’t get you anywhere without drive.

Baseball is an easy sport, no offense to the millions of baseball players out there.  I played since I was five and loved every minute of it.  The hard work and conditioning was so worth the price to stand on a freshly cut field to play what was then “America’s Game”.  I would have paid my way into the minor leagues and had it not been for an untimely knee injury, I may have done just that.

I have little respect for quitters.  Especially those with God given talents that waste it while taking other people’s money.   His minor league contract with the Royals was peanuts and likely not guaranteed but the signing bonus.  In Miami, his 4 year 4.5 million dollar deal had partial guarantees and a signing bonus.  For the year he was actually on the roster doing nothing he made some decent change.

It seemed that most of his drive at the NFL level was halted in it’s tracks following a vicious final game hit by Ike Taylor of the Steelers that knocked him out on the sidelines.  Whether that played a part in his desire to return to the NFL is unclear, and in no way do I make light of that hit.  It was, again, vicious.

White is the only one who knows his next route but it’s likely that is pro-level sporting days are over unless you consider Arena football, the UFL, and the Lingerie League, pro level sports.  Whatever his reasons were for retiring, I do hope that it’s not some personal demon that is racking his brains but rather a simple loss of love for playing the game of baseball.  The kid has talent, it’s now simply wasted.

O.k., let her rip…I have thick skin!

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  • ricky

    Pat White didn’t play college baseball. Research much?

  • jay dubb

    Pat White never played college baseball. Very poor research. I’ve never heard of Mr. Miller, but he apparently has little credibility as writer and even less as a researcher.

  • Brian Miller

    Your right, thanks for letting me know…it was a lazy assumption on my part…I have changed that in the article, frankly, I didn’t want to do anymore research on Pat White because frankly I saw enough of him in Miami. Again, lazy job on my part I admit that.

  • Tony T

    Mr Miller at least you are honest enough to admit that you are lazy and do not like to research. Thanks very few people admit their incompetence. Mr White has achieved more in his 26 years than you probably will in the rest of your life. He is a fine young person that gave it all he is in two major league sports. You do not have to applaud him but you do not have to kick him around either, but I do not think Mr White gives a crap about what you think or write.

  • Brian Miller

    Tony: First, I actually do like to do research, spend an awful lot of time doing it…just chose the lazy route with White…seems he is pretty lazy too.

    As for what he has accomplished in his 26 years, I will beg to differ, when he is bagging groceries when his sports money runs out while waiting for someone else to give him another chance so he can quit after getting paid, I will still be saving lives as a Paramedic. Can’t put a monetary value on that. I will also still be writing here and about the occasional loser that comes into sports and then walks away after he get’s paid…Albert Haynesworth anyone?

    I have little worry over Pat White’s decision to leave sports, my issue is that he never, at any time really cared all that much about it. When given a chance to switch positions in Miami…he said he wouldn’t. Does that say “team player”? of course not. It says, “my ego is worth more to me than this team”.

    Pat White was a very good player at WV and he parlayed that into a 4.5 million dollar deal with the Dolphins, he left some of that on the table when he basically quit competing and got cut. He did the same thing in baseball. Sorry Tony, I don’t respect him for that. At all, and really don’t care about his opinion of me either.

    But he does need to get his head screwed on straight and deal with whatever demons he is dealing with because he has a long life ahead of him and we all have seen how those types of things can completely tailspin out of control. I hope if he is dealing with personal issues that he gets the help he needs. If it’s simply a matter of him not wanting to put forth the effort to succeed at any of the next levels, then oh well.

  • Javier

    Im not sure what those guys were reading but you clearly stated that he did not play college baseball, Pat White was an awsome college football player but when it came to the big leagues he was simply too small. He is very lucky he even got up from that hit. People just dont realize how lucky they are when everything is going rite. I give it a year until hes another jamarcus and his house is getting foreclosed….what a waste!

  • Tony T

    So you know Pat White will be bagging groceries in the future. Well I think his future will be a lot brighter than that. Sounds like you have a real hard on for a better man than you. Who really cares that he retires? Every athlete does, but Pat’s retirement gives a snake loser like you the opptunity to spew your venom. Pat told folks before the draft he was a qb. He was drafted went out for the position failed and was cut. That’s not unusual in the nfl. In MLB he decided at his age that did not want to dedicate more time to get the majors, that is not unusual. Who was the last fin to change positions?

  • dan

    Tony, the only guy that seems to have a hard on for Pat white is you lol You have yet to say anything good he has done after college

    Anyway, good article. I was a huge fan of Pat White until he just threw everything away. Disappointing to say the least

  • John

    You had it correct the first time. 2 time Looser!!!

  • KK

    Miami Dolphins… lol

  • http://[email protected] JTBat

    How does getting cut from a team make you a quitter? It isn’t White’s fault that the Dolphins were willing to spend that much money on one of the smallest quarterbacks in the NCAA. Your lack of research aside, Miami didn’t do their research with Pat White either or they would’ve seen that he was injury prone in college as well. How much better can you expect a QB to get when you only use him 1 or 2 plays a game? He didn’t just take the money and run. He was never really used and the head coach had no plans on using him at QB anymore. Since he never played WR, it seems pretty reasonable that he wouldn’t want to play that position at the pro level. Let’s say that you get fired from your EMS service because of being too fat to fit in the vehicles. They offered to make you the secretary so that you would still “be a part of the team,” but you said no. Would you try to find a different EMS? What if they said no as well? You might end up bagging groceries too. Would it be okay to call you a quitter? Just asking…

  • Brian Miller

    Jt you reaally think he didnt quit? He didnt show up to camp on time, refused to try and play a different position to stay on the roster and reportedly half asses his way through what part of camp he lasted. He was a mistake being drafted by this team no question, but dont think for a minute that he did everything in his power to make it work….he didnt and that means he quit. He quit on the Phins a long time before the team cut him….which is why they cut him

  • http://[email protected] JTBat

    Come on, Brian. The guy had never played a position other than quarterback. He made it known before being drafted that QB was his only interest. They drafted him as a QB and the coach continued to say that he only wanted White as a QB. Everyone in America knew that White was going to go to baseball if the QB thing didn’t work. White didn’t take Miami to the cleaners, they guaranteed the money to him. They knew better than to make the deal and still made it. What should he have said to them that he didn’t already say? He played/practiced hard all the way up to the point that they mentioned another position.

  • Jon Evolve

    Garbage article. Lazy, half-assed assumptions, barely passable grammar. I bet Pat could write a better article. You, I’d cut.

  • Jimbo111

    Agree with your assessment Brian. I’m very surprised that his lack of accuracy wasn’t ever a big enough red flag to have prevented his being drafted. Also have to think that the interview process was a failure as no one spotted his lack of drive and tendency to quit.

    Of course, our draft selections have not been what we are most proud of as Phin fans… Come to think of it with the exception of the cheerleaders, CP10, and a couple of outstanding defense players, we haven’t had much to cheer about in quite a while. I’m thinking drafting is part art, part science, and part luck, and we’ve been short of all of the above for a LONG TIME!

  • Steve

    Yes Miami screwed that pick big time. The only reason he was ever drafted was for a gimmick play that worked one year. maybe it was the blocking that made the wildcat successful that year. Or maybe it was Ronnie Brown’s ability to see the holes and run.

    Pat White while he was good at running in college level body wise he was way too small to play the part of a running back in NFL. As for his passing he never impressed me that much in college level either. And he proved that he couldn’t even do it in NFL play. Did he ever complete one pass in NFL?

    The Pat White pick could have been used better and made the team a hell of a lot better by selecting a player that they could have used. Right now we have two aging running backs that may or may not be back next year. For that Pick alone Parcells and company should have been axed. I didn’t like it when picked and I practically puke every time I think about it.

  • steve_o1086

    To play in the freaking NFL you wouldn’t at least try another position? I’m sorry but if that is your dream then you do whatever it takes…put everything you have into it. As far as him being a quitter…well maybe yes you could use the “he got a bad break from the fins” argument until he does the same exact thing in baseball. Its pretty clear the only thing holding Pat White back from success is Pat White

  • http://[email protected] JTBat

    He went 0-5 passing in 13 games. He also had 81 yards on 21 carries. Like I said, they used the guy 2 plays a game on average. How can someone get any better with that type of experience? Steve you’re right. It was a completely wasted pick if they were only going to let him throw the ball 5 times. At least he isn’t Chad Henne. He completes a lot of passes…to the other team.

  • fins2win72

    Sounds like another so-called athlete who is sitting on his couch bragging about his glory years until the great injury stopped him from going pro. Good Job Al Bundy.

    So basically Brian, what you are saying is that Pat White is a loser? Hmm I beg to differ. By the way great fluff piece to basically show what a d-bag you are. Thanks. So the fact that the Miami Dolphins coaching staff, didn’t want to put in the time with him, or for that matter give him a true chance more than just sticking him in on a few occasions to get the other defense wondering if the gimmicky wildcat offense (that we can no longer successfully run do to a true bust, Ronnie Brown) is coming or not makes him a loser. Or maybe it is the fact that we went out and got Chad “the next Marino” Henne and continued to waste time on the bust that he is and then sign Tyler “the never was” Thigpen and stick White in a hole somewhere and make him a media scapegoat. Oh how they loved breaking down Pat White in the paper come camp time. How bout the illegal helmet-to-helmet hit that Ike Taylor placed on him, you don’t think that while after being strapped down and the mass of horrific thoughts racing through his head about a significant injury to himself and thinking his career may end just as it was beginning had anything to do with his emotional state. Wait I know what it was more than likely, but I am not going to research it, because hey who wants the facts Brian, maybe it was the fact that every so-called Miami Dolphin fan called for his release the second he was drafted. I would not want to play for an organization who wouldn’t give me a chance at a position that I excelled at, nor would I want to play for a fan base as shady and fake as is the Miami Dolphins fans. Why don’t you do us all a favor and either A) Write about something current that could really help out this pathetic state the Dolphins are in, or B) just stop writing all together. I hope you are a better paramedic than research writer my fellow Fins Fan.

    PS. I am truly glad to be a Fins Fan after reading a lot of these comments by true Fins Fan, who do not see this kind of writing useful.

    • Jimbo111

      Written as if only you and those who share your opinion are “true phins fans.” Ya, sure. And once again the coaching staff is the scape goat for poor player performance. You don’t even consider that White was at fault. No, as you see it, White could have been a top level QB, and the coaching staff just couldn’t see it and his little ego got bruised, that is the reason he failed with us. Undoubtedly the reason no other team wanted him. If he was so good, don’t you think some other team would have given him a chance??? He might have made an impact as a receiver with us but no, he isn’t a team player, and he would rather take his ball and go home. I say, good riddance!

      I’ve been a Phins fan since the team was formed, and don’t need you or any “Johnny come lately” fan thinking they know who the “real fans” are. Every phin fan around here is entitled to their own opinion, agree or disagree, but your calling someone, anyone, who is not a Jets fan, a d-bag just makes you look like a fool.

  • James

    Pat White should have never been drafted by the Phins. He’s weak and a joke. But who cares about baseball anyways? Baseball is for fat non-athletes that scored in the top percentile of trash on each season of COPS.

  • A Kunkel

    Oh Mr. Miller,

    So quick to jump to conclusions about Pat White. I’m sure everyone in Florida is upset that they wasted a second round pick and then traded for Thigpen. Who’s choice was that and who knows what types of discussion were on the table during training camp. They brought this kid in as part of your gimmick offense when all he wanted to do was play QB. Both sides wanted something different and they split so is that really a surprise? I have followed him at WVU and seen him play through injuries and know this guy is not a quitter. He was being praised by other phins players as being the most improved player at camp. Had you given any thought that he might be preparing to get back into football after being paid to play another sport? This time a team who would be interested in him as a QB will pick him or he may consider transitioning to another role on a team. I follow a team that has made some poor draft choices (Raiders) but I don’t try to belittle the players because things didn’t work out. This kid has played for two major sports organizations in his short time on this planet. Calling him a loser only shows me you are attempting to insult the guy. It would be like me calling you a failure because you didn’t use your god given talents to become a doctor, instead you decided to become a mobile nurse. I mean we all can’t be Tom Brady, but the kid made the best of what he had in a town where no one wanted him. I just pray that he will be picked up by a team who finds a way to get him on the field. Who knows maybe he will return to South Beach to show you exactly how well he can perform.

    • onole1

      That’s great, he has quit the NFL and MLB and you say he’s not a quitter….ummmmmmm ok, what does he have to do then to be a quitter?

  • Mountaineer

    So, let me ask you a question, what have you EVER accomplished that even holds a candle to the things Pat White did?

    You probably did’;t even make the JV squad in Jr. High.

    You only wish you’d have had a 10th the success Pat White did.

    Here’s to wishing Pat success in whatever he choses now that he’s retired from athletics.

  • DF80

    I never post on message boards, but after coming across the title of your article on the web I had to. If you don’t know the kid, don’t call him a loser. His track record at WVU proves he is anything buy a loser. He has had some unfortunate injuries that have derailed his progress in the NFL.

  • Evan

    Pat’s heart was never in baseball.

    If all he wanted was to get paid and leave, he would have accepted when the Angels drafted him out of high school with a six-figure signing bonus. He took the high road and went to college to earn a degree and play the sport he truly loved. He didn’t quit at either on of those things. Do you have a four year degree, Brian? Pat White does. I had a couple classes with him and I can attest that he is bright and talented but also humble.

    To me, his reluctance to switch positions in the NFL proves determination and confidence, not selfishness. He got cut and joined the baseball ranks in a panic but once again, his heart was not in it. Pat White is not a quitter, but he knows when it’s time to move on from his unhappy and unsustainable life on a farm team. We’re all disappointed just like you, but show a little empathy.

  • Bert Smith

    Miller, after the way I got ripped for my teenie, tiny lil’ comments in my article on Pat White, I’m amazed. You’ve got cohones, mister!

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    He’s unfortunate in baseball