Eye In The Sky Part II – Closer Look At Ahmad Black

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The first thing that stands out on Black’s resume is his community service.  Black was named to the SEC Community service team for his guidance and assistance within the community, which will already make coaches appreciate his dedication off the field.  Black is an ideal student of the game, never has he been in trouble, or had any red flags on his overview.  He is the definition of a coachable player.  His upbringing is very close to Nolan Carroll a player we drafted last year.

However, don’t allow Blacks politeness alter your perception of him on the field.  Black was a ball hawk during this tenure with the Gators, Black finished his career in the SEC pulling down 13 INTs.  Last year he was tied for 102 tackles, which is amazing for Safety.  That stat alone will tell you that he isn’t shying away from contact and has a knack for where the ball will be.

Black attended the combine, but didn’t ‘wow’ the scouts, or even help his projected status.  Black ran a slow 4.8 which raised some flags pertaining to his coverage abilities and over the top help.   With his small build of 5’10 and 184lbs Black decided against lifting at the combine which once again raised some questions about his physique.

But, enough with the standard perception of Black, let’s see what the game film shows:


–       Smooth transition, however shadowing placement needs work.

–       Fluid hip movements at the start

–       Back peddling is smooth but can be a liability on double moves


–       Pro day workout results:

  • 4.39 short shuttle
  • 9.10 Board jump
  • 6.85 three cone shuffle, quick first step


–       13 INTs in SEC career

–       2 INTs in final game against SFU

–       103 tackles last year

–       Nose for where the ball is

–       Small build, from what I saw needs assistance on flat RB wheels and “HIT” technique

–       Smart player on Special teams.  Having at least 2 Special Teams tackles per game.

–       Hard zone coverage is his speciality, maybe catered towards a Tampa 2 Team, not a 3-4 team

–       Soft zone coverage liability, but may improve with coaching

–       Man coverage is average to weak.  Really slow for a SS, 4.8 40 time, can’t provide the over top help needed for a Safety.


–       Coachable player.  You will hear a lot of “Yes Sir’s and Understood Sir’s”

–       Dedicated to off the field community service

–       Smart player, will dedicate himself to the playbook

–       4 year starter for the Gators.

Black is not a starter and won’t be a starter in this league without at least 2 years development in the right system.  Black will be projected in my opinion in the 4th to 5th round.  However he does have the dedication needed to exceed in the NFL.  He might be a better fit for a Tampa 2 team rather than a 3-4 team.  But, you can’t help but sense that with the proper coaching and patience Black might turn into a corner stone Safety in today’s NFL.

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