Don’t Draft Another QB like Pat White

Here’s why I say, “Don’t Draft Another QB like Pat White“: and believe me,

He could run, but not hide. Pat White was a College Star, but not an NFL player.

I am well aware of the strong feeling out there defending the guy – but frankly, he was a wrong fit for the Dolphins Offense.  Miami is not using a Run & Gun or a West Coast Offense and besides, the kid is just too small.

Now, I know that most of our readers are above-average in intelligence and understand logical points on who should be drafted and why certain schemes make sense.  Nevertheless, there seems to be a “never say die” crowd on this Pat White issue.  Look, he failed.  Couldn’t cut it.  Did not match up.  Was found wanting.  And he quit.  Yep, he quit.

Now, it’s not necessary for me to be a comparable athlete in order to state the facts about this Professional Athlete.  By agreeing and taking the money and the gig, he is therefore part of the NFL and becomes a sort-of public property.  And you know what I mean.

So if I’m a Scout or Jeff Ireland now, my plan is (you guessed it), “Don’t Draft Another QB like Pat White” because obviously that did not work.  In other words, you find a poised quarterback who is taller and works well in the pocket with a strong arm and constitution who is capable or already is, beefier and able to stand-in and take a hit.  And from there you go forward on questions like, “can he read defenses” and “does he throw with accuracy and touch as well as power”.  Now, do you agree or not?

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  • markeyh

    Do you have a specific QB in mind from this year’s draft who would be a QB like Pat White?

    Because I do not….and if not your point is moot, is it not?

    • Jay

      I have heard Colin Kaepernic (sp?) is like White, but bigger, with a bigger arm. He ran for over 4000 yerds in college, but is a much better QB IMO than WHite.

    • Seth Fisher

      similar QB in this draft is Tyrod Taylor

  • derek

    i think hes speaking about colin kaepernick and tyrod taylor and i fully agree with him

    • Steve Hoffart

      Tyrod Taylor for sure! I think Kaepernick’s arm strength and the fact that he’s almost 6’5″ removes him from the Pat White comparison. Honestly, I think Locker might be the closest comparison, other than Taylor. A little taller and thicker than Pat White, but his whole game is far from NFL ready and his stock has him early in the 2nd where White was taken. He also throws off balance and is quick to try the run. He could be the bust of the draft. Mallett to me is still the most sure fire pick regardless of his character issues.

  • fins4ever1

    I have not met or read about a single soul that liked the Pat White pick from day one. You said it, he was too small to be the gimmicky QB they intended him to be. Even the best running type QB’s have a short life in the NFL.

    IMO, there is no logical reason to blame Pat White for quiting or giving up. Even he knew he had no business in the NFL. I put full blame on the Fins front office for drafting him to begin with. IMO, a worse pick by the organization would be hard to find.

    Hopefully, that was a Bill Parcells decision and not the sort of thing we will see from Jeff Ireland in the future.

  • thomas loy

    So because Pat White failed Miami shouldn’t draft another running QB? Miami should draft who they think is the answer at QB. If thats a running QB, fine and dandy.

  • Michael Rosenbloom

    People just need to move on from the Pat White pick. It was a mistake, we all know that. But it’s not like he is only guy we’ve ever taken early in the draft who was a waste of a pick (Jason Allen, anyone?)

    We shouldn’t be comparing anybody in this draft to him. Everyone plays differently. Just because Kaepernick can run does not mean he is Pat White. Same for anybody else.

  • RC

    Exactly no running qb’s,have never liked them never will