Meet Ikaika Alama - Francis

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Welcome to the third installment of an ongoing series of writings designed to help football fans get to know players on the Miami Dolphin roster who are out of the “spotlight,” so to speak. These players are most likely recent additions who have been signed as free agents or later round draft picks who have not had the media attention as some of the other players.

Previously I discussed LB’s Mike Rivera and A.J. Edds. This week I continue to look at the LB position. Let me introduce outside linebacker Ikaika Alma – Francis,  pronounced ee-KYE -kuh uh-LAH-muh  listen here .

First, let’s address the name. Unless you are of Hawaiian decent, you most likely have trouble with the pronunciation of Ikaika, and the nickname of Francis just doesn’t seem to fit a guy who stands 6’5” and weighs in at 290 pounds. After a little research, I discovered that according to Sun Sentinel Sports Reporter Omar Kelly, Ikaika’s locker room nickname is Ike. Ike, I can handle!

Ike signed as a free agent with Miami in November of 2009 after being released from Detroit where he was drafted with the overall 58th pick in the second round of the 2007 draft. Ike was almost immediately moved from the defensive end position to an outside linebacker. Although Ike’s stay has been brief thus far, he was in the center of what has become the most controversial play in the Dolphins 2010 season (see photo).

Ike recovers fumble

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