Eye In The Sky Part III–Closer Look at Chris Clemons

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Ahh, Chris Clemons where do I start….well my initial perception during last year’s offseason was that we needed an upgrade, and this was evident with my desire for our front office to go after OJ, or look to the draft to add some competition at the FS position.  Based on the assessment by our Head Coach, we saw nothing but glowing endorsements about how much Clemons has been playing and his dedication on the field.  However, when the preseason and regular season started, I kept a close eye on this former 6th round pick and saw a lot of areas of concern.

The biggest concern that stood out was his tackling technique, he was aiming for the shoulder pads, which is something coaches tell you not to do, this  flaw was seen not only during the preseason, but the regular season as well.

Last year was the first full season in which Clemons started at the Free Safety position, and although he started almost every game, there were areas of improvement across the entire board.

Let’s take a closer look:


–       Solid transition within zone coverage, but weak to poor coverage ability on man to man responsibilities

  • See game film against Steelers and Raiders

–       Recognition of over the top help is a serious area of improvement

  • See game file against Bills and Patriots

–       Shadowing on blitz pick up, was average, but coachable and will learn more with game experience

–       Fluid hip movements at the start

–       Back peddling is smooth but can be a liability on double moves

–       Hit technique was above average,

–       Help responsibilities on drag routes and RB wheels was solid


–       2009 vs. 2010

2009 MIA 11 13 10 3 0 0.0 0 0 0 0 0
2010 MIA 15 61 51 10 5 1.5 2 0 1 0 0

Extracted from ESPN.com

–       Based on the table listed above we can see a drastic increase all over the board, however please note that the data is offset due to playing time

  • 2010 was the first full year
  • Key Findings
    • 1.5 Sacks
    • 2 Force Fumbles
      • Which shows evidence of Hit ability
      • 1 INT
        • WEAK, area of improvement, need more game changing plays for the Robber position
        • 61 Solo tackles
          • Below norm of starting Free Safeties
            • Missed 2 games due to injury


–       1 INTs in 14 games

–       2 Force Fumbles

  • 1 game changing play against Pitt

–       61 tackles last year

–       Better awareness is needed for over the top help

–       Only 5 PD, this is explains the liability on over the top help

–       HIT technique is proven asset

–       Smart player on Special teams. 

–       Soft zone coverage liability, but may improve with coaching

–       Man coverage is average to weak. 


–       Coachable player, and a favourite of front office, evident by not bringing in potential free agents (Bob Sanders, OJ)

–       Has one full year of starting experience under his belt

  • Development will be key this year, push or pull assessment


Based on the above scouting report, how do you feel about our Free Safety position going into 2011?

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