Bengals Owner: Palmer Not Going Anywhere

For all of you Dol-Phans out there hoping to see Carson Palmer in a Dolphins uniform next year, looks like you will be let down. According to Vic Carucci of, “Bengals owner Mike Brown is entrenched in his position of refusing to give into Palmer’s trade demands.”

Now in an offseason full of …well, nothing… this is news. Personally, I didn’t see this happening anyway. How often does the “trade me or I’m going to retire” gig really work?

Even if the CBA gets handled and players are allowed to move, there was no way this was going to happen unless Mike Brown lowered his expectations, a lot. No team in their right mind was going to give up any combination of a first and third rounder, two second rounders or anything else for Palmer. Contrary to whatever you hear, he was and still is a player in decline.

This was not the savior the Dolphins needed, so I’m glad this is coming out. Yes, Palmer is veteran player. Yes, he brings experience. Yes, he brings experience as a winner. So what? The Dolphins need to look towards the future. I don’t believe this team is just one decent starting quarterback away from being a Super Bowl team. They need to bring in fresh, young blood to give this franchise a jump start. Palmer may have been a decent stop gap option, but I believe the point of this offseason is to build for the future. Finding a one or two year quarterback (and having to give up a lot to get him) shouldn’t be this regime’s goal. It should be to find the future.

Obviously, this could be a smokescreen. But I’ve heard Mike Brown is not that type of owner. I expect to see either Palmer in a Bengal uniform in 2011 or sitting in his house on Sundays, reconsidering his retirement.

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