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Meet Tim Dobbins

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Welcome to yet another installment of an ongoing series of writings designed to help all of the readers (hopefully current or future Dolfans) get to know players on the Miami Dolphin roster who are out of the “spotlight,” so to speak. These players are most likely recent additions who have been signed as free agents, later round draft picks or trades who have not had the media attention as some of the other players.

Previously you met LB’s Mike Rivera, A.J. Edds and defensive end turned outside linebacker Ikaika Alma – Francis (Ike). In this article I conclude the series on linebackers by introducing Tim Dobbins (#51). For archived articles, please click here.

Did I save the best for last? Possibly! Of the players I have researched and covered, Dobbins is the most experienced and is the senior member on the LB crew at the young age of 28. If you saw any of the Miami Dolphin games last year, you saw Tim Dobbins. He was a regular on the special team coverage units and was the primary backup for ILB Karlos Dansby.


Dob's as a Charger

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