Bahamas Mock Draft 1.0

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Carolina Panthers:
Cam Newton: let’s face it, Panthers have a new coach, no ties to any player on the team including the QB position.  Panthers need to sell tickets, and Cam Newton is the only player that can draw some sort of interest.

Patrick Peterson: Champ Bailey will be moving to safety this offseason, and I know John Fox, will have to find someone that can replace his presence on the outside.  Peterson is the best CB, and the best available player on the board.

Buffalo Bills:
Von Miller: Fitz played really well last year, but it was the defense that needs a face lift.  Let’s face it, Gaily signed former Miami Dolphins LB, in order to implement his 3-4 D.  Gailey decides the best way forward is to build on his foundation, and Miller is an exciting prospect

Cincinnati Bengals:
A.J Green: Let’s face it, Chad is starting to decline and this prospect is the best WR in the country. Think about it, Chad might be cut, Owens is gone, so who is the starting WR for Cincy…..enter A.J Green

Arizona Cardinals:
Blaine Gabbert: Matt Lienart never lived up to his draft selection,  but that was a different regimen. So with Derek Anderson’s heavy contract being released, this selection, Gabbert gives the Cardinals fan some hope.

Cleveland Browns:
Marcell Dareus: The Browns need a presence in the middle, and although they might think about adding an OL to protect their QB, getting Dareus is a steal at 6.

San Francisco:
Robert Quinn: Harbaugh wanted a QB, but his top two are off the board, so he thinks about addressing his D, by adding the best player available.  Patrick Willis needs some help getting to the QB, and Quinn can step in right away and get 8-10 sacks

Tennessee Titans:
Nick Fairely: Remember when the Titans were last in the playoffs – Big Albert was playing their nose tackle.  Things haven’t been the same, so Titans draft the next big Al.

Dallas Cowboys:
Tryon Smith: This is a no brainer.  Jones can’t afford to lose Romo anymore, and needs help building his OL.

Washington Redskins:
Jack Locker: Mike Shannahan tried to roll the dice with McNabb, but that failed.  He think Locker is the next Jack the Snake, and would fit nicely into his style of play calling.

Houston Texans:
Aldon Smith: Houston signed Wade Philiphs to improve the D.  So Wade will get this hands dirty and select a true OLB/DE that can help out Mario.

TRADE – Minny doesn’t have any QB they want on the board, so a trade is in the works.  Minny drops down 2 spots and gets an extra 3rd round pick

Saint Louis Rams:
Julio Jones: Finally Bradford will have a target to throw too!

Detroit Lions:
Prince Amukamara:  It’s like a dream come true! Detroit needs serious help on the secondary and Prince falls to them.

Minnesota Vikings:
Corey Liuget: With the Williams’s both getting on in age, Minny needs to think about eventually replacing their two towers.  Liuget is the BPA at NT.

TRADE – Miami trades with Indianapolis Colts, Miami receives a 2nd round selection and swap of 4th round selections

Indianapolis Colts:
Anthony Castonzo: With Peyton at 35, Indy needs to think about protect Peyton for at least two more years.  Anthony is huge, and would start day 1.

Jacksonville Jaguars:
Ryan Kerrigan: No pass rush at all from Jax last year.  Adding team captain and 4 year started to their DLine rotation will definitely help out.

New England Patriots:
Cameron Jordan: With Ty Warren releases coming once CBA is signed, Pats need to think about his eventually replacement.  Scary as this is, Jordan is the BPA, and I for one don’t want to see him twice a year.

San Diego Chargers:
Akeem Ayers: Chargers will re-sign Vjax, Mathews will get better with experience, so they need a pass rush that has been missing since someone or something turned the lights out

New York Giants:
Mark Ingram: First surprise of the draft! Gmen has used the past few drafts on the Dline rotation, but need to give Eli some weapons.  Remember Earth, Wind and Fire? Ingram gives the Gmen 3 RB committee that once lead the Gmen to the SB.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers:
J.J Watt – Josh has all the tools in play on the O, but need help on the Tampa 2.  Outside pressure is what has been missing. 

Kansas City Chiefs:
Gabe Carimi: Excellent choice, as KC has found another anchor that can create space for their RBs

Miami Dolphins:
Ryan Mallet: Its final and you heard it here first! With all the diners, interviews ties with Henne and Long, you can’t help but put these two together.  Drafting Mallet 15th overall was to high, Ireland gets a 2nd round pick to address the RB, and we now have our QB of the future.

Philadelphia Eagles:
Jimmy Smith: How much longer can Andy Reid leave Asante Samuels by himself.  Samuels will train Smith on how to play this game, and all characters concerns will be dismissed.

New Orleans Saints:
Da’Quan Bowers: What a steal! A top 10 player at 24th overall? Everyone can remember Lynch running crazy on the Saints last year, adding Bowers will help shore up that Dline

Seattle Seahawks:
Derek Sherrod: Caroll is a little upset, he was hoping for a QB, but traded for Charlie W last year, might as well get him some protection.

Baltimore Ravens:
Justin Houston:  Scary to image Ravens front seven next year.  Houston gives them extra depth at their strongest position.

Atlanta Falcons:
Torrey Smith: Falcons have a solid RB, solid Dline, excellent OLine, but need a player to help out White.  Smith comes in and gives Ryan another weapon to play with.

New England Patriots:
Phil Taylor: Jon Brace didn’t do anything last year, and with big Vinny boy needing some breaks time to time, Taylor would be a steal for the Pats at 28.

Chicago Bears:
Aaron Williams: There Bears got rid of the veteran CBs/FS last year, so they grab the best player that would fit their cover two schema.

 New York Jets:
Cameron Heyward: Rex can’t believe his available, and finally gets another weapon to play with.  He will be used in the same way Gholoston was supposed to be used.

Pittsburgh Steelers:
Mike Pouncey:  Can it be? A brother reunion?

Green Bay Packers:
Muhammad Wilkerson: Capers gets the player he was targeting.

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