Lessons Learned from Miami Dolphins Drafts

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As the draft slowy but steadily approaches, I want everyone to think back and think about what they have learned.  As a wise man once said, ‘history tends to repeat itself’, we should ensure that we don’t follow that analogy and learn our lesson.

Let’s take a closer review of how we have wasted or given up draft picks and see which one hurts the most…

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  • fins4ever1

    It is hard here NOT TO believe the Fletcher pick was the worst pick in recent history. As you point out, it was not only a bad pick “talent wise”, but a stupid decision “position wise” as well. It was one of the few positions the Fins were
    solid at for years into the future.

    For me, second is the Pat White pick. The Fins had no business drafting a kid for a gimmick play like the WC.

    Finally, for the record I believe we did indeed overpay for Marshall. Yes, he is good, but overrated IMO. I don’t think I would ever give away 2 second round picks for anyone other than a franchise QB. This deal was especially sad when it was obvious Josh McDaniels was set on getting rid of Marshall just like he did Cutler. Yeah, the Fins overpaid in draft picks AND $$$$.

  • Chris Leeuw

    fins4ever – gotta disagree on your Marshall comment. Remember we got a second round pick back last year and will probably do the same this year.

    We needed a surefire #1 WR badly and got one without ‘wondering’ if he could produce.

  • dodgeguy

    i don’t think it matters with the fans….if we took breese which we should have, we would have asked for his head by now anyway! our fans are very into this game, but they want to shelf or get rid of totally anyone who has like 2 bad games in a row! if we had breese and he get’s hurt they’de have wanted to trade him for draft picks while there was still value in him…..nobody is in it for the long haul anymore, just what have you done this week?IMO

  • dodgeguy

    don’t get me wrong our drafting has been to say the least pathetic! we’ve had some good ones but there have been way more misses than hits, and N.E.keeps hittin’ home runs.i feel like we can’t catch up yet we match up well. everyone thinks we should go o in the first round and while i agree, i can’t help but think about another badazz! pass rusher…imagine the bloodline with cam! i’m just sayin’ if there’s a hall of fame type guy available how bad a pick can it be to grab him if available? our D is just gettin’ started to be really good but we’re not great yet!and i think another playmaker on D will also help get wins!…zach and jason come to mind! can’t have enough great defenders, cause that means special teams is that much better. no great special teamers except the returner are the really good ones i’m just sayin’

  • dodgeguy

    sorry,what i was saying was defensive guys make up 90% of all the really great special teams. we’re still not there at backer, one more to take the place of the mout’and as deep as we are at D-line how many sacks did we have last year and how many were cam’s alone…if cam is our only real threat to rush the passer other than blitz than we’re toast against the N.E. and steelers and so forth.we have to make plays at the end of games on D also to have success IMO. so having a corner that can catch more than a cold could also win games too!

    • bahamas

      My friend the only way to win a Superbowl is either having a Dominating D or QB that will win you the game.

      We aren’t close to having a dominating D, as our secondary FS,SS are areas of weakness in my eyes. Especially Clemsons.

      We aren’t close to having a QB that flat out win a game for us, so we are kinda stuck in the middle. WE learned during the Wanny era that having a dominating D and an average O, will only take you to the playoffs, but we need to acquire high octane talent on the O side of the ball this draft. I would be for using every single one of our picks towards our O in order to ochestrate a scoring offense. Our D will come together just like the Packers D, and we might be able to surprise teams this year