Lessons Learned from Miami Dolphins Drafts

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Brandon Marshall:


–        Miami Dolphins traded 2011 2nd rounder and 2010 2nd rounder

–        Denver Broncos traded Brandon Marshall

This trade was amazing, and given the chance, I would make this trade over and over again. There isn’t a player in this draft or last year’s draft that could even compare to the production of Brandon Marshall.  Yes, Jones and Green look great on paper, but how many NFL games have they played? And unless we trade up we don’t have a chance of grabbing these two top WR prospects.   

No regrets

Jamar Fletcher

Draft: 26th Overall in the 2001 NFL draft

We need to go back all the way to the beginning on this one.  Flash back to Sam Madison and Patrick Surtain, our elite cornerback duos that we recently just signed to six and five year contract extensions, now with our first overall pick, our head coach at the time, decides to draft based on our strongest positions….why? What QB was still on the board that might have helped developed into a MVP, Superbowl winner…….his name Drew Brees.

Dave Wannstedt, this wasn’t your only mistakes as the head coach of our team, but it ranks right up there with what the hell were you thinking. But don’t feel too bad, another coach, whose statue just went up, also decided to pass on Brees….Ironically both of these coaches are out of the NFL….hmmm wonder why?

Wasted 2nd round picks for a QB

Trade 2004:

  • Miami Dolphins obtain A.J. Feeley
  • Philly obtain 2004 2nd round pick selected Reggie Brown

 Trade 2006:

  • Miami Dolphins obtain Duante Culpepper
  • Vikings obtain 2005 2nd round pick selected Ryan Cook

 Draft 2007:

  • Miami Dolphins select John Beck; 40th overall

 Draft 2009:

  • Miami Dolphins select Pat White; 44th overall


In 2004 our front office decided that Feeley would be our QB of the future based on what? I am still trying to figure out what exactly our front office saw in this former third stringer QB, that would merit a 2nd round selection.
In 2006, we decided once again to pass on Brees and send a 2nd rounder to the Vikings for an injured, but former MVP.  Culpeper never lived up to our expectations and himself never regained his mobility that made him an elite player in this league.
IN 2007 and 2009 our front office decided to take a chance on two players that would develop into our system and be key players involved in our future plans.  Unfortunately based on results on the field we noticed that both prospects couldn’t handle the NFL game, and were released from our team.

Wasted draft picks have led to the hinder development of prospects within our Miami Dolphins system.  As other teams that have made stronger development in the league, these wasted picks have once again frozen the development of our team to make the next step in becoming and restoring our elite culture.

So which one do you think hurts the most? Or is there another one on the list that should be added?

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