Mock Draft- Round 1

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1st- Carolina Panthers- Marcell Dareus DT Alabama: Cam Newton this, Cam Newton that. If I had the next decade of a franchise at stake with a #1 overall pick I would go with the most pro-ready prospect in the draft. That is not Cam Newton, or even Blaine Gabbert for that matter. Neither QB could step in like Matt Ryan or Sam Bradford in my opinion, so Carolina must go with Dareus should they hang-tough in the #1 slot. Dareus is a monster with freakish speed for a D-lineman. He has all the checkmarks for an All-Pro DL with his athleticism, great hands, quick feet, explosiveness, versatility, and perhaps the most important intangible; the fact that he was the anchor of Alabama’s pro-style defense. NFL scouts equate him to a Warren Sapp like player. There is virtually no risk with Dareus, while a QB at number 1 is just too risky, and a miss sets a team back years.

2nd-Denver Broncos- Patrick Peterson DB/KR LSU: Now this is where the draft is fun. If Newton goes #1, or Gabbert does, Dareus won’t get past Denver. That’s why they draft the players, much like that’s why they play the games. Wrenches in the draft happen, and Denver will get a chance to net arguably the most talented player on the board in LSU defensive back Patrick Peterson. The versatile defensive back can play all over the field, and can neutralize top-end talent, like Dwayne Bowe and Vincent Jackson four times a season in the AFC West. Denver already has Champ Bailey as a mentor for Peterson, so he can fine-tune his near flawless game. Denver had just 10 INTs last season, and was ranked 25th overall in defense against the pass. Peterson can change that from the jump.

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  • tpl

    Its a good article. I hope Miami can trade down, but, failing that, pouncy would be a great selection. Provide depth at center and upgrade the guard position. I think Miami might be able to trade down and still draft pouncy. But if he’s not, Miami can draft one of the top tackles.

  • Jason Sarney

    Thanks tpl:

    I agree that the Fins could possibly trade down, acquire a later 1st and a 2nd, but I am skeptical Pouncy will still be there since they’d probably have to trade down in the mid-20′s to get the type of deal they got last year with the San Diego trade.

    I would love that though…

  • fins4ever1

    Great article! Your guess is as good as anyone’s, but you make good sense.

    I love the Pouncey pick. It just makes so much sense. It fills multiple holes and is an immediate upgrade to the running and passing game.

    Yes, saw many drafts having Ingram going to the G men.

    Also could see Costanzo going to Belly real easy. If we don’t get Pouncey, THE PATS WILL.

    Agree on Fitzpatrick too. Miller would be a good fit and maximum value there.

  • Jason Sarney

    Thanks fins4ever1-

    As much as I would like playmakers, the FIns dont have the assets to trade up and grab Julio Jones. I have fallen of the Ingram hype recently and realized Pouncy is the safest play here.

  • Ian

    I would go out on a limb and select Rahim Moore (FS) in the late first round after trading down. I know it’s a reach. But the one weakness for the Phins D is a playmaker. Moore is a ballhawk and the safety position is becoming more important every year. Look at the two Superbowl teams…who had Nick Collins and Troy Polamalu.

  • Jason Sarney


    I would take that, if we do trade down and Pouncey is gone. I completely agree that championship defenses need that play-maker in the secondary.

    It really seems as if the logical move is the trade down to get back in the second round since this draft could have plenty of value players from 33-60

  • BrassMonkey

    Don’t like the Pouncey pick AT ALL… I think he’s riding his brother’s coattails and will never be anywhere near as good.

    Guard is NOT a value position in the draft. Tackles are certainly important enough to be taken high, but quality interior linemen can be had later. Put it this way: would Mike Pouncey have the same kind of impact on our offense (or even our line in general) as Jake Long (or even Vernon Carey) did? Guards ARE NOT elite athletes – they are just big, mean guys who hopefully can pull a little bit when you ask them to.

    Another point to consider; Do you really think that Pouncey is any better than Jerry or one of the free agents on the market? Even if you believe that Pouncey IS better, does he make a big enough difference to our offense to warrant the #15 pick overall? I say NO. If we’re dead-set on a lineman, we’d be better off taking Constanzo, moving him to the right, and pushing Carey inside!

    Ingram is no better- quality RBs can be had in the mid-late rounds, too. Miami needs to stop drafting for “need” and get back to taking the best guy on the board!

  • Jason Sarney


    Your points are well-taken. I like the fact that Pouncey can play multiple areas on the line.Ingram to me is a fine player, but I am happier getting a ready made guy like a DeAngelo Williams and pair him with one of the current backs, or even wait to draft a RB late.

    Over the past years, so many RBs pop up out of nowhere. Peyton Hillis, Chris Ivory, LeGarette Blount…plenty more. They can be found without paying top dollar and a 1st overall pick on. Ingram could be the only RB taken in 1st. Maybe two. 15th is too high for a guy who is not a “can’t-miss” RB talent.

    In all honesty- I believe and hope they trade down, get a later 1st and a 2nd, and do some sort of play which strengthens the offense.

  • Chris Leeuw

    You left out Marcell Dareus….he’ll be the pick in Buffalo should Denver pass him up.

    I like the Pouncey pick, but if we stay at 15, I’d probably rather see Ingram. If we don’t pick up a 2nd rounder, that first pick has to have immediate impact in 2011.

    • Chris Leeuw

      Whoops! My bad..just noticed you had Dareus No. 1! Text kinda blended in and I saw Newton…lol

  • Jason Sarney


    Dareus was my No. 1 selection…

    • Jason Sarney

      forgiven. Ha.

  • Michael Rosenbloom

    Gotta say that I’m not a huge fan of the Pouncey pick at 15. I agree with Brass that good, big, mean interior linemen can be found later in the draft, and the only OL position that can justified that early is a tackle.

    I’d much rather us grab a skill position guy with this pick (if we can’t move back). We’ve had a million discussions about which QB we could take, plus Ingram and LeShoure will more than likely be there.

    As for the interior, have you done any research about Will Rackley out of Lehigh? He will be around later for us to grab, and I love the way he plays.

    • onole1

      From what I hear they like Rackley a lot, but it seems a lot of other teams do as well. He’s probably moved into round two.

  • onole1

    I first want to say I like Pouncey a lot and even had him as the pick in one of my mocks. Since them I have done some thinking and the Dolphins already have a lot of money tied up in the offensive line. Not that that is the end all be all, but it does have to come into consideration. The bigger factor is Nate Garner will be back and IMO will anchor one of the line positions. I think Incognito win the center spot and Berger is the back-up interior guy. I do not look for them to draft line early and instead go for skilled positions. I think they will draft at least one lineman later in the draft for depth.

    The movement of Incognito to center and Garner coming back makes the line much improved over last year. I really don’t think the line is as big of a concern to the Dolphins as it is to the Dolfans.

  • Jason Sarney

    Michael- Rackley is a nice player. Smaller than Pouncey but could work well in the Fins new offense. I think that we could trade down and get him still, so hopefully there is OLine help and skill position help within the first two rounds pending a trade.

  • Ian

    I like Rackley too. The Phins showed a lot of interest early in the off-season, but he has shot up draft boards ever since. I think he was slated for 5th round earlier in the off-season, but now he’s probably 2nd-3rd round. I’m convinced the Phins will take an RB and TE in rounds 3 and 4. And 2nd round seems to high for Rackley.

    • Michael Rosenbloom

      I’m okay with them taking Rackley in the 2nd. If they are able to trade down and pick up a second, I wouldn’t mind a QB in the 1st and Rackley in the 2nd, then a RB later in the draft, 3rd or 4th rounder. I would have no problem with that.