Why Ryan Mallett?

Most people that read this site or the forum (which we invite you to join) know that I would love to see Miami draft Christian Ponder. However, more importantly I don’t want to see them draft Ryan Mallett. I know throughout Dolfan Nation that is not the popular thought as of late. It seems the closer we get to the draft the more fans of the Miami Dolphins are clamoring for them to draft Mallett with the 15th pick in the draft next Thursday night. My question is why?

The biggest argument I hear is he is the best “pure” pocket passer in the draft? Once again I ask why? He’s a pocket passer because he has very little mobility. I will not argue his arm strength. He has arguable the strongest arm of any QB in the draft there is no doubt about that. However, and strong arm does not an NFL QB make. If that was the case Jeff George would have been a HOF QB and Jamarcus Russell wouldn’t be looking for a gig.

There are a lot of rumors floating around out there about Mallett, and while I can’t prove anything I go on the theory of where there is smoke there is fire. It’s not like these rumors are new they have been around for a while and it is a fact he was arrested for public intoxication in 2009. Now granted, I am not going to toss away a guy that got drunk in public as a college kid but the rumors keep popping up. I understand the most recent rumor is being challenged by Mallett, his agent and the Panthers, but the reporter is sticking to his story so who is telling the truth? I worry about a guy with a reputation of liking to drink and party being the leader of your team especially in South Beach. 

Who knows, but for me I am just not sold. To me he doesn’t seem to have the make-up to be an elite QB in the NFL and the lack of athleticism will hurt him even further. As I have said he has a cannon of an arm, but he doesn’t seem to do well when being pressured and throws off his back foot and bailing more times than not when a rusher is getting close. In college his arm strength can cover up a lot, in the NFL it takes more than arm strength and many of those types of passes that he got away with in college will be interceptions in the NFL.

I hear many supporters saying he ran a pro-style offense at Arkansas so that will translate to the NFL. Well, none of Patrino’s past QB’s that ran a pro-style offense at Louisville has translated to the NFL. I understand the same could be said for Tedford until Aaron Rodgers, but Mallett is nowhere near the athlete Rodgers is.  

So I ask you why? Sell me on Mallett, because I just can’t see it.

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  • Ken

    Following your line of thinking would have prevented the Dolphins from drafting Dan Marino. Y need to come up with some football reasons. How about this one? The slow footed Mallett was sacked 2 more times than Ponder. Problem is Mallett attempted 112 mor passes than Ponder. On top of that Mallett threw for over 1800 more yards, had 12 more TDs, had a better TD/Int ratio and better completion percentage. All of this in 2 years of starts vs. Ponders 3 years. Are you kidding me?

    • onole1

      Ken, that’s a pretty weak argument on both accounts. First, Marino had drug rumors, but Marino’s leadership was NEVER in question. Also Marino was a hell of an athlete that was also drafted in baseball. Marino wasn’t a runner, but did have quick feet.

      As far as Ponder goes if you want to use the sack argument look at the offenses. Ponder was asked to run with the ball a lot. If he doesn’t get back to the LOS it’s a sack. As far as stats last year yes Mallett had better stats as Ponder was hurt, but also Arkansas threw the ball 465 times compared to FSU 397 and FSU ran it 500 time compared to Arkansas 421.

      So you just throw out some of Mallett’s stats to try an make a point? His career completion is 58%, Ponder’s is 61%. Mallet’s highest completion % is 64% and Ponder’s is 68%…thanks for playin.

      • Ken

        Look at the stats. They are posted right here> http://phinphanatic.com/2011/04/22/massanuttenrefs-phins-mock-draft-round-1/

        On this site for all to see. Ponders career numbers do not touch Malletts and Mallett posted his numbers in 2 years, not 3 like Ponder. Your just a homer when it comes to Ponder.

        As far as Mallett being a risky pick because of a lack of leadership, thats as weak as it gets! Where does that come from? Not from his coaches or his fellow team mates at Arkanas.

        • onole1

          Ken I have said this many times, but will say it once again. Yes I would like to see Ponder in Miami, for many reasons, BUT I am ok if they don’t draft him. I just DON’T want them to draft Mallett. You took this post right from the begining and made it a Ponder vs. Mallett, that’s fine but that was not my point. I just don’t want Ryan Mallett to be a Miami Dolphin.

        • onole1

          Sorry forgot to add, you show me any coach who is going to throw his player or former player under the bus? It’s not good business, coach say something bad about a player it makes other players question if they should go to that school and pretty soon coach is out of a job.

  • Michael

    Let’s compare him to your boy Ponder: Mallet has a better arm, better accuracy (yes side by side he trumps Ponder’s supposed best attribute even though Mallett is throwing bombs half the time), he’s been better coached and prepared for the NFL, he’s bigger, he’s shown continual improvement (vs. Ponder who had a severe drop off in production his senior year), he’s more durable, he had better production against superior competition, and he’s a better leader. Ponder, on the other hand, runs a faster 40, and hasn’t had all the false rumors floating around him. I think the real question is, why not Mallett? Of course, that assumes he’ll still be available at 15 which I’m not so sure about.

    • onole1

      Michael, better accuracy? How so? Even in a down year Ponder still was 61% and Mallett’s best year was 64%. Career Mallett is 58% and Ponder is just under 62% career. Give me some proof on the bombs as well. As far as better coached and prepared I would say both are a wild card, list me the great QB’s in the NFL that have come out of a Patrino system, the same that have come out of a Fisher system…ZERO. Is bigger better? how many 6″7″ QB’s have been great in the NFL? Right now you could compare him to Flacco in size and arm, but Mallett couldn’t hold Flacco’s jock as far as athletic ability and if you want to compare Mallett’s athletic ability to Ponder’s your just being silly.

      I’ll give you durable but not sure I would say better competition. Maybe more consistent competition, but two of Ponder’s best games were against UNC and let’s see how many of those guys get drafted next weekend and before you say only Austin and Quinn didn’t play this year against FSU.

      Nothing yet that makes me change my mind about Mallett. Yes I want “my boy” Ponder, but I’d be fine with a few other QB’s as well, heck I’d rather have Locker over Mallett, so far I have seen no argument to make me change my mind about Mallett.

      • Michael

        As far as throwing bombs, Mallett had 62 completions over the last two seasons of 30 plus yards, which is 11 more than number 2 on that list. I have no idea how many 30 plus passes Ponder completed, but it’s significantly less than Mallett. His average yards per completion were 50% higher than Ponder as well. See also my stats below on 300 plus yard games and percentage completion vs. ranked opponents.

        As far as height, how many 6’7″ QBs have there ever been in the NFL? Dan McGwire is the only name that springs to mind. For Petrino’s system, he has never had a QB with Mallett’s kind of talent; however, he has coached John Friesz, Jake Plummer, Chris Redman, Jason Campbell, Mark Brunell, and Jay Fiedler.

        I haven’t heard one convincing argument from anyone, yourself included, of why Ponder is better than Mallett but multiple people have given you multiple statistics and rationale for Mallett. If you aren’t interested in paying attention to facts, why did you write the article in the first place?

        • onole1

          So we just are going on statistics? If that is the case why isn’t Timmy Chang or Graham Herrell great QB’s in the NFL. Stats are deceiving.

          I wrote this because I wanted to see why so many Miami fans want Mallett, but you and a couple others turned it into a Mallett vs Ponder, which is fine. When it comes to a QB the intangibles are many times just as important as the statistics.

          • Michael

            People give you overwhelming statistical evidence of how good he is, and now you throw out intangibles which obviously can’t be statistically proven (which I suspect is your goal). He is an incredibly hard worker, a student of the game, he was charged with making protection calls, audibles, hot reads and did so exceptionally well (watch his QB Camp segment with Gruden). He is a great leader, two time team captain. Everyone around him from teammates, coaches and fans (which I am definitely one) can’t say enough good things about the guy. Do you actually have a reason why you don’t like him, or are you now going to go with “just because.”

  • MJ

    Mallett was considered a top 5 – top 10 @ one point. For good reason. He won games in the best conference in the NCAA, ran a pro style offense, and he can throw the football 80 yds. He’s just as accurate as Ponder with the exception of a stronger arm. Ponder is Pennington 2.0. We’ve used this formula 25 years and it hasn’t worked out. We need to invest in 1st rnd talent. The real kicker in all this is that Mallett 15th overall should be considered highway robbery. Especially with teams like AZ, TEN, MINN, WAS, and so on picking before us.

  • Pfudd

    Ken, you beat me to my main argument, so I guess I will concentrate on another issue I disagree with. There is the media’s discussion of Mallett and the “rumors” that began to circulate before the combine. It has been 6 weeks since the combine and these rumors remain, but no one can say what exactly the rumors are, much less substantiate them. Last time I checked this is the U.S. and even a criminal has the right to face their accuser. But in this case there is no accuser and writers cop-out by prefacing the fact that these are rumors but since everybody else is repeating them, Mallett is bad. It doesn’t matter that the people who have played with him and his coaches say that he hasn’t had or been a problem.

    Since their is no accuser why not ask the man who started the storm by reporting that “Character and drug use issues are starting to rear their ugly head.” A quick look at Mr. Softli’s resume on linkedin shows that he graduated from the University of Washington and was a student and graduate assistant coach with the football program. He then worked for the Panthers and the Rams for the past 14 years until being fired almost a year ago. Since then he has worked for the local ESPN radio affilaite in St Louis as an “NFL insider and On-Air Talent”.

    Let’s break that down, a local reporter for a Missouri radio station, who is a graduate of the University of Washington, releases a negative report on of the top quarterbacks in the draft just before the combine. Allowing Gabbert (MO) and Locker (WA) leap-frog over Mallett in almost every mock draft. For ethical reasons, when Chris Mortensen has written about players from Arkansas, there is always a disclaimer explaining his ties to Arkansas. There no such warning found in Softli’s work.

    One last thing, according to the dates on linkedin Softli seems to have updated his resume in February, the same month that this story broke. You would expect an update when he interviewed for the GM spot with the 49′s in December, why go back to months later a update your resume?

    I think that any person in their right mind will agree the supposistions I made are thin. Would I have been better off just writing, “serious conflict of issues have arisen about one of the main sources of the Mallett/Character rumors”?

    • onole1

      MJ, once again, how was he just as accurate as Ponder? Try looking at some stats. I could care less if he can throw 80 yards, Henne can do that, it takes more than a strong arm to be a good QB in the NFL.

      Ponder was considered the #1 QB coming into the season, things change. I haven’t seen anyone list Mallett as a top 5 pick by the way…ever. I can only pray that one of this team a head of Miami drafts Mallett if indeed Ireland is thinking about doing it, which I don’t think he is.

  • Ian

    Wow, you guys need to check your facts. First, Ponder is accurate both stationary and on the move which is a deadly combination for a quarterback. While it is true his stats did drop during his last year it was caused by injury which, I might remind you, he played through and still performed fairly well. This IMO shows toughness and leadership. As a reminder, Ponder was also considered a first round upper echelon QB before the injury and all indications are that he is completely healed. Every performance he has put on since and including the Senior bowl has been outstanding. As to his comparison to Pennington? If you mean that he is a smart accurate winner that comes with no baggage I would agree with you but if you are refering to arm strentgh I wouldn’t. Mike Mayock as well as other scouts have stated that his arm strentgh is above average and that he can make all the throws in the NFL. Finally as to the better competition, if you look at Mallett’s stats his production dropped dramatically against top tier teams while Ponders was much more consistent and both played in pro style offenses. To summarize, with Ponder you get a smart, accurate, mobile, above average arm strentgh leader/winner that has played in a pro style offense that comes with no baggage. You can’t say that about Mallett.

    • onole1

      Good post Ian, I didn’t list any stats on purpose for this post. It’s amazing how people will throw things out without even checking to see. I like Ponder and I make no bones about it, not because he is from FSU, but because I think he is going to make one hell of a QB in the NFL. If Miami doesn’t take Ponder that’s fine I just don’t want them to take Mallett.

  • Michael

    Ian, the only upper echelon defensive team Ponder faced was all season Oklahoma where he went 11 for 28 for barely 100 yds, 0 TDs and 2 picks. Mallett didn’t fare as well against top Ds, but what do you expect, they are top Ds for a reason. He did throw for over 300 vs. Alabama, Mississippi State, and LSU, and would have thrown for over 400 against Ohio State without receiver drops. He also had 100 yards in a quarter and Arkansas was putting it on Auburn before Nick Fairley knocked him out with a concussion. You sir, need to check your facts.

    • onole1

      Michael, what do you consider upper echelon? Oklahoma was ranked 52 in defense last year. Anyway, Ponder got hurt in the first quarter against Oklahoma, and yes he played like crap afterward as did the rest of the team. So why are you using if’s didn’t realize they counted. So if Mallett’s receivers didn’t drop the ball or if Mallett wouldn’t have gotten knocked out, come on man if you are going to use that argument use for both players. by the way IF you watched any FSU games you would have seen how many dropped passes and wrong routes were run by the freshman and sophomore receivers, but hey that’s only IF you are talking about if’s. :)

      • Michael

        Take ifs out of the equation, he still threw for more yards in the Sugar Bowl against the #2 ranked defense in the country than Ponder did against anyone all season. Outside of 40 time, there is no measurable anywhere that puts Ponder in the same league as Mallett. I really don’t know if you will have to worry about the Dolphins drafting him anyway, because I’ve been hearing a lot of chatter about the Skins and Vikings taking him at 10 and 12 respectively.

  • Michael

    P.S. Mallett had 61.5% accuracy against ranked teams vs. Ponder’s 45.5%.

    • onole1

      Michael, are you only using one year?

  • Dolphan_B

    Have you seen Mallett’s tape? Mallet is a Drew Bledsoe clone and a perfect fit for a Parcells style offense. I like Ponder as a WCO QB. Not a fit in Miami.

    • onole1

      Dophan B, why not a fit in Miami? What is a true WCO? Tere are so many versions of it now about the only thing true of a WCO is you pass to set up the run. I have seen lots of Mallett’s games and all of Ponder’s, have you ever seen Ponder run a play action, Mallett can’t compare.

      I hope Miami can do better than a Drew Bledsoe clone. Blesoe was a career 57% passer with his best seaosn 61%. Like Blesoe Mallett can’t move in the pocket and the game is much faster now than it was then.

  • Hogk7

    Exactly, Everyone makes a comparison about him being not a mobile quarterback. Just study his touchdown ratios vs being sacked. Watching Mallet on the field is magical on the field. I don’t believe in rumors especially the ones that Mallet had to put up with. He is a fun loving guy, He delivered for Arkansas during his 3 years of college. No Drama there! Not drafting at 15 will be the biggest mistake!! All the other quarterbacks are no comparison to Mallett’s God given talent.

  • Michael

    I watched all of every game that Mallett started at Arkansas and one game when he was at Michigan. Dolphan, have you watched him at all or just copy catting what you read on blogs to make yourself sound smart? His accuracy on the rollout is actually pretty deadly (check the stats Dave Hyde compiled in his excellent article). He moves in the pocket very well and does a good job of sensing the rush and adjusting (he only took two more sacks than Cam Newton). The last interception against Alabama was the only truly bad mistake I can remember him making in his two years starting for Arkansas. He had 9 games passing for over 300 yards this last season playing in the SEC, vs. Ponder’s 0.

    Ponder wasn’t a bad college QB by any stretch, but he was the game manager type in college. He doesn’t do any thing exceptionally well which will make him a journeyman type backup QB. Mallett has the skillset to become a superstar very quickly in the NFL. There is just no objective comparison between the two.

  • Michael

    Sorry for the diss Dolphan, I didn’t read your comment close enough and I thought you were comparing him to Drew Bledsoe as an insult. There doesn’t appear to be an edit function for comments on this forum.

  • tpl

    Lots of interesting comments. Regardless of the truth or lack thereof “rumors” about Mallett, my guess is most NFL teams will take a pass on mallett. Miami would be better advised to trade down and take mallett in the second round or late 1st rather than at 15. And all this interest on Miami’s part could be a smoke screen, to conceal interest in another QB.

  • MassanuttenRef

    I think that sack percentage (sacks per attempt) is a telling sign for QBs. It is an indication of his ability to read defenses. Check out these sack percentage stats:

    1). Peyton Manning = 2.36%
    2). Drew Brees = 3.89%
    3). Chad Henne = 6.12% (5.76% @ Michigan)
    4). Chad Pennington (2008) = 5.04%
    5). Cam Newton = 8.21%
    6). Christian Ponder = 7.69%
    7). Ryan Mallett = 6.08%
    8). Jake Locker = 5.72%
    9). Andy Dalton = 2.53%
    10). Blaine Gabbert = 2.53%

    Please note … sack percentage goes up slightly in the transition from college to pros — this is why I included Henne’s college stats.

    Please also note … level of competition doesn’t matter as much as you think because a QB should be able to get rid of the ball even if there is an all out blitz. With sacks, not only do you lose a down, you also lose yardage. The QB should know this. Case in point, Chad Pennington.

  • Shaun

    This is going to sound crazy but the guy I wouldn’t mind having is a guy nobody talks about.

    Iowa/Ricky Stanzi.

    His arm strength not so great. His this or that not so great.

    He is a winner though. He has size. He has played very well against the good teams.

    I smell a little Brady in him. Just saying….

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could trade down in round 1 and come out with a Guard and RB in round 2 and take Stanzi in round 3?

    • onole1

      Michael, once again stats aren’t everything, if they are then please explain to me why Chang and Herrell aren’t NFL stars, you skipped that because it didn’t help your theory.

      Look I don’t like Mallett, you do, it basically comes down to that, you aren’t going to change my mind and I am not going to change yours. It’s not “just because” it’s because everything that rolls into it and I am just not sold on him. I have nothing against the guy and hope he has a long su8ccessful career, I just don’t think he will. If Miami does draft him I will root for him every freaking Sunday and he deliveres a winner to Miami then I will be screaming pig suey at the top of my lungs. Until then I wish him the best of luck, just hope it’s not in Miami. Hey I have eaten crow before and have some good receipes for it, so not afraid to eat it again.

      You know the one thing about this post that should show something to everyone is while we may not agree and we all know we are better GM’s and coaches than who we have, we are passionate and all want the same results.

      Go Fins!!!!!

    • onole1

      I’d be ok with Stanzi in the 4th or later as a project. I like his toughness and leadership, but I think he would need some time to develop.

      Another guy I like is TJ Yates. I think if you want to combine accuracy, arm strength and understanding the game Yates is right up there near the top.

  • Shaun

    I also think Mallett hype is a smokescreen. They cannot be this obvious right?

    This Dalton thing from Peter King this week came out of nowhere and right before the draft. Perhaps? Not sure. King might be guessing with no sources.

    • onole1

      Sjaun, I agree and have been saying it for a long time. The Mallett stuff is trying to get a trade. Also the Dolphins really like DJ Williams and every time they saw Mallett but once they saw Williams. I believe that is the target they are looking at there.

  • WooPig33

    I have to ask you, why do you in one comment say that stats aren’t important and in other comments you say to look at the stats when talking about accuracy? Ryan Mallett is an incredible Quarterback and leader. He has the intangibles. Mallett is a born leader as evidenced by him being chosen team captain in both of his starting seasons at Arkansas including his first year as a starter before he had ever taken a snap in Fayetteville. He is a hard worker and a true student of the game. He spends hours in the film room after practice is over and works hard to understand what defenses are going to do in certain situations. This makes him extremely good at being a field general and calling audibles and picking up blitzes.
    As far as stats go, the others have pointed them out to you. Mallett is more accurate than Ponder and that is shown not just through his completion percentage as you would suggest, but also through TD/INT ratio which is far better than Ponder and he has shown improvement in both seasons as a quarterback for the Razorbacks. I am comparing Mallett and Ponder in accuracy because that has been the trend in this message and you mentioned in your article that you prefer Ponder to Mallett. It’s simple to compare the two for those reasons.
    Concerns about Ryan Mallett?? Can he be the face of your franchise? That’s really the biggest question you should have. His abilities are clear and his leadership and hunger are definitely there, but he does not speak like a franchise player should. As so many people have said, he sounds like a thug. But here’s the thing…That can be worked on and improved.
    As far as the rumors that you refer to as smoke leading to fire, some of them may or may not be true but I can tell you as someone who is from Arkansas and used to work for the Athletic Department and still knows people within the organization the fire is not coming from Arkansas. If there were drug issues it was when he was in Michigan and yes, he did get in trouble for public intoxication when he was 20 but since then he has had no issues surrounding him. The rumors didn’t start until after he declared for the draft and they are not coming from Arkansas.
    As far as the recent issue in Charlotte is concerned, if everyone involved says it’s not true then as far as we should be concerned it’s not true. The media gets paid to tell stories.
    Back to Mallett’s intangibles for a minute. When I say that Mallett is a student of the game he has been so since he was a child. His father is a football coach and started teaching him at an early age how to understand and read defenses. He is fiery and hungry. He is extremely competitive and is always trying to prove that he is the best player at his position. That is what separated Tom Brady from other QB’s. Brady is still trying to prove that he is the best, if only to himself. That is the type of attitude Mallett has. I’m not saying that Mallett is the next Tom Brady, but I am saying that he is going to try to prove that he is better than Brady and all of them. If he is, wouldn’t you want the Dolphins to be a part of that ride?
    I say that knowing full well that you will have a comeback for everything that I might say because your mind is made up about Mallett. You are challenging people to change your mind about Mallett as though it’s a competition and you’re out to win. Nobody’s going to change your mind because nobody’s going to prove you wrong. Here’s my hope though. My hope is that wherever Ryan goes, if he turns out to be a wonderful quarterback in the NFL, that you will publicly say, “I was wrong, and good for you Mallett.”
    Have a wonderful Easter!

    • onole1

      WooPig…I only brought up stats when others did. I know Mallett’s stats look good in yards and TD’s and he finally broke 60& completion his senior year. But as I have said several times stats aren’t everything and it’s been proven time in and time out. I am still waiting for someone to tell me why Chang and Herrell aren’t great NFL QB’s if stats are the end all be all.

      Now as far as contradicting yourself, you do a pretty good job yourself when you say his intangibles are off the hook, then you say some of the rumors may be true, but I love how you say the drugs happened in Michigan and if when he cam to Arkansas it’s like he was born again, that is some funny stuff…

      Anyway, if Mallett becomes a great QB I will be the first one to admit I was wrong. I have been wrong in the past and I am sure I will be again. I never wish anything bad on these kids and I hope wherever he lands he does well (unless it’s against Miami). If Miami picks him then I will root for him as much as anyone and hope he can take them to the promised land.

  • onole1

    Well SUEY!!!!!! with all this Mallett love and now he seemingly he walks on water how can he not be the #1 pick in the draft? I mean if everything is true that is being said Mallett is a sure fire can’t miss and all 32 teams should be trying to get him…

  • DJ

    All these stats and all this arguing. I prefer to trust my gut feeling. The last time I had a gut feeling about a QB was Drew Brees. He turned out pretty good. I have a gut feeling about Ryan Mallet. I see him and I see a future pro bowler. Would I bet my life on it? No. No one knows if he’ll be good. Not even the teams who spent hours and $$$ to study him. I was a ton of his games at Arkansas, and I’m really excited about this kid. Bottom line is, doesn’t matter who we take. We can’t win a Super Bowl without a pro bowl QB. Not in today’s NFL. My gut tells me Mallet will be the man. I remember how disappointed I was when the Dolphins passed on Drew Brees. Twice. I hope they don’t let me down again on thursday.

    • onole1

      DJ, great post and of everything that was said about this you hit the nail on the head. It’s not just about stats, it usually comes down to a gut feeling and just as yours is positive about Mallett mine is negative. Only time will tell and no matter who he ends up playing for I wish him the best. If it happens to be Miami I hope my gut feeling is dead wrong!!

  • WooPig33

    Hey, well it looks like most teams agreed with your assessment of him except for one of our biggest rivals. Now he will grow behind Brady and he’ll actually have time to mature beyond all those issues that everyone was so scared of and learn from one of the best. I just hope he gets traded before he becomes a starter.
    As far as what I said before, I’m not saying he was born again when he came to Arkansas, but I am saying that after the possession of alcohol charge when he was 20 he stayed out of trouble and was clean of any drugs. You say I contradicted myself by talking about his off the field concerns, but everyone has off the field concerns. It’s how you deal with those when you’re in the league that will define you as a player. Cam Newton had major concerns off the field. There was another player that was drafted in the first round that I saw a story about today on ESPN talking about how he was arrested on more than one occasion for Marijuana possession. Everyone has off the field concerns. The intangibles that I was talking about are football intangibles.
    I’m not saying he wont face his struggles because he most definitely will, but as much as I hate to see him as a Patriot I think he landed in the absolute best place that he could end up.
    Anyways, Go Hogs and Go Dolphins!!!

    • onole1

      WooPig, I think Mallett was drafted into a perfect situation. There will be absolutely no pressure on him to step in and start. He will be in a locker room that is solid with lots of support. He will be coached by one of the best coaches and QB’s in the history of the NFL. I hope he does well, just not against Miami.

  • WooPig33