Meet Jeron Masturd

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 Welcome to the another installment of an ongoing series of writings designed to help all of our fans get to know players on the Miami Dolphin roster who are currently backups, but hoping for an opportunity to become a starter. These players are most likely recent additions who have been signed as free agents or later round draft picks who have not had the media attention or playing time as some of the other players.


Previously I discussed LB’s Mike Rivera, A.J. Edds and Ikaika Alma – Francis (Ike). In this series we take a look at the tight ends. The TE position has for the most part, been all but totally ignored by the Fins executive staff, but that is likely to change this year (I hope). With Bill Daboll coming in as the new offensive coordinator, it is practically guaranteed we will be seeing more double TE sets, which will lead to the Fins addressing the position either through the draft, free agency or perhaps having enough faith to count on someone already on the roster.  They simply have no choice. The position was thin enough using a single set system. A dual set will demand changes. The first possible “diamond in the rough” we will meet is Jeron Mastrud.

Before I get into detail on Jeron, I think we should review recent history of the position. I know there have been many critics of Bill Parcells for whatever reason and that in itself is another topic, but no one can deny that bringing Anthony Fasano over from Dallas was an excellent move, perhaps even his best as a member of the Dolphins staff. Fasano was a 2nd round pick by the Cowboys in 2006 and shared duties with pro bowler Jason Witten.

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