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Mocking the Mock Drafts...

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With just days to go before the draft, all the armchair quarterbacks, amateur pundits  and self confessed fanatics are busy breaking down which team will take who, when and how;trade up, trade down, what a pick is worth to one team and who should go first? Welcome to the mock draft phenomenon!  I am very impressed with the knowledge bandied about by our very own Phinphantics team and look forward to each new mock draft.

But really, come on! Who really has a clue? I’m sure there is some magical equation that can be unravelled, jiggled about with then thrown out and ignored! … because for every Dan Marino, or Jerry Rice there are hundreds of the Jamarcus Russels and Ryan Leafs! Guys who just could not cut it in the NFL, so it makes me wonder why so many people put their names to mock drafts!

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