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Mocking the Mock Drafts...

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With all the above in mind here are some of the great Dolphin draft picks of the past and some of the not so great!!

Dan Marino.

Ok this is a no brainer, our hero famously slipped all the way down in the draft to no. 27,  because of alleged drug use and worries about his knees (after having numerous operations), added to this, a poor senior year and the rest as they say is history! The Dolphins got there man and many many teams were left scratching their heads wondering why they never drafted him.

Zach Thomas.

According to folk lore it was Mike Westhoff who pushed to have Zach drafted as he would, “make a difference on special teams”. Deemed slow and too small he only turned out to be the greatest middle linebacker to don a Dolphins uniform and should be in the HOF (more tackles than any linebacker already in?? he’d get my vote).

Jason Taylor.

Another player that slipped down in the draft, mainly due to his build and not being “football ready”, well he certainly showed them! A league Defensive MVP award and another hall of fame worthy career. Jason’s recent “Jets-capades” may have turned a few Dolphin fans but in his prime there was no doubt he was dominant.

Some great picks there i’m sure you’ll agree,  but for the next few, well erm, who could of predicted it!! In the late 80’s and  early 90’s two things were certain in Miami when the draft came round, 1. We were going to draft a running back and 2. we were going to shore up the defense, and with those two philosophies to hand Miami managed to screw up nearly every draft in those years.

 Do these names ring any bells? Sammie Smith, John Avery, JJ Johnson, Karim Abdul Jabbar, Troy Stradford, Terry Kirby and not forgetting Cecil Collins? The crazy thing was, both Don Shula and Jimmy Johnson couldn’t find a running back between them! Who’d a thunk it! But if finding a running back seemed impossible, how about building that defense, a unit that could give Marino that ring! Well for every John Offerdhal, Bryan Cox, Louis Oliver and Jeff Cross, there were these guys, Jackie Shipp, Jay Brophy, John Bosa, Eric Kumerow and the forgettable Rick Graf!

But lets not forget, the 2000’s have not fared any better, John Beck, Ted Ginn Jnr, Patrick Turner, Jamal Fletcher, Eddie Moore,  or Pat White would make any draft expert worth his salt, rethink his draft board!

So really, when you look back, it is a darn near impossibility to correctly guess who will be picked, let alone who’ll actually pan out  as a good player!

“and with the 15th Pick, Miami selects”…….. so who’s it going to be …..?

Thanks for reading, another….”historical highlight!”

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