The Usual Suspect

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First off, a very happy draft day, Phanatics! Man, it feels great to have actual football “action” for the next three days! We have all read the articles, comments and opinions of dozens of prognosticators over the last few months, and there have been a good number of names tossed around as to whom the Dolphins will be selecting at 15th (for now) overall.

However, over the last few days many have said that Arkansas QB, Ryan Mallett, is the guy the Dolphins can’t pass on. Now the rub with Mallett is that he has a major risk factor in him, as there were drug-use rumors, character flaws, and a now famous display of interview volatility that has put the fear of Leaf in me. Yet, the intriguing thing about Mallett is that he can throw the ball a claimed 80 yards, a boasting that is very believable if you have ever seen him throw the pigskin.


If you watched the NFL combine, you would remember that there where WR “go-route” drills in which a number of QBs took their turns in attempting to deliver perfect bomb-passes to their paired WR prospects. When Mallett took the ball, it was extremely noticeable that the WRs who had the distinction of receiving his passes, ran about 10 times harder out of the gate, just to get there! Let’s just say Mallett is not an under-throw type of guy.


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