The Usual Suspect

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Skill, ability and attribute-wise, Mallett is a prototypical pocket-passer. The kid is 6’7’’ 253 lbs. and throws with such a wide base, he at times does not even need to step and throw.  He can make reads and his accuracy is good, but can stand to use a tad of work. That deep potential though is something Miami has to consider. His arm strength and ability to hit the NFL needed throws like the deep-out is key for Miami.

Did you know that Mallett’s 62 TD passes in just two seasons at Arkansas is only one less than Miami QBs have totaled  over the last four seasons?  Ya, really…from 2007-2010, Miami quarterbacks have totaled 63 TD passes. 64 if you count a cameo by south-paw Ronnie Brown back in 2008.

We all know that Miami will draft a QB.  The question remains…who?

If not Mallett, Miami could possibly make the same mistake a few dozen NFL teams made back in 1983. Pass on the rocket-armed franchise-like QB because of rumored character issues and “extra-curricular” activities. Those teams’ mistakes led to Miami landing Dan Marino, and it feels like déjà vu all over again, doesn’t it?

I completely understand the reservations Miami or any other team may have in drafting Mallett, but the more I think about it, the more I say why not?  Another question is; can the 15th slot be the right place for him?  In an ideal world, Miami could trade down, and still get him in the 20’s, while getting back into the 2nd-round (Brandon Marshall trade in 2010).

Now if Miami’s front office doesn’t think Mallett is the guy, and the Dolphins find a way to get back into the 2nd, who will it be?  Locker?  Ponder?  Dalton? Kaepernick?  I really don’t know if any of these guys are individuals that will make me excited about replacing Chad Henne. To me, it’s just another shot on getting a decent college QB to attempt to fill Marino’s spikes. These other QBs and Henne are six of one, half  dozen of the another in my mind.

It’s a lateral move.

So the point, Phins Phaithful, is that we all are not in the Miami war-room, nor any of the other 31 rooms at that. So we have no clue and can only speculate.  Yet I believe, that if at the end of the day, Mallett’s only deterrent is the same deterrent that scared 26 NFL teams away from Dan Marino in 1983, then the choice has to be Mallett.

Sure, this suspect we have read about for the last few months has a lot work to do regardless of where he lands. But if he does happen to land in Miami, he should heed the words of The Usual Suspect’s Verbal Kint (aka Keyser Soze).

“The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist…”

Now what Mallett has to do, is basically prove to the Dolphins that his risks and character issues didn’t exist. Because if other teams think they didn’t exist, he could be another franchises QB…

“…and like that, poof. He’s gone.”

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