Why Trading With Indy Make Sense

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Why this trade makes sense for Indy, is an easy answer….what is Indy’s biggest asset? Peyton Manning.  Peyton is now 35 years old and for QB, that is extremely old in the NFL.  The Indy offense goes through Peyton, they basically live or die with him under center.

Year Sacks QB hits
Regular Season    
2010 13 44
2009 16 47
2010 3 6
2009 4 15

Stats – Extracted from NFL.Com

Based on the above table, we can see that Peyton has been taking a little bit of beating within the regular and post season.  The post season number stick out more than anything, and that is when the ‘true’ season begins.  With the life expectancy of Peyton in the NFL diminishing it’s time for the Colts to do something out of their realm and make a trade to go up and protect their biggest asset.

With the 15 overall selection, there will be at least two key prospect available, Anthony Castonzo from Boston College and Gabe Carimi from Wisconsin.  Both of these prospects have been targeted by playoff teams, especially Castonzo with the Bears and Giants and Carimi with the same teams.  The problem is, will another team make a jump to get these OLmen before the Colts? Time will tell, but Indy should be aggressive enough to understand their time is ticking and fast, you can’t allow Peyton to get hurt, if that happens your season is over, quick.

Extract from Sun-sentinel
Teams that need offensive tackle help — like the Giants or Colts, to name two — could be inclined to move into the 15th spot to have a chance to draft the likes of Boston College’s Anthony Castonzo or Wisconsin’s Gabe Carimi.

I am not the only one that seems to think a trade might be in the works…..

 Why this trade make sense for Miami is obvious, it gives us the 2nd round pick we have been missing, and allows us to have 3 selections in the top 100.  If the draft unfolds correctly, we can use our 2nd rounder on a elite RB that will be available.  We have many holes on our offense , and it times to address them this weekend.

Let the fun and speculation begin!

Its finally draft day…

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