“Phones Weren’t Ringing

Jeff Ireland opened his post 2011 NFL Draft first round presser with a tip of the hat. “Awwright Miami” he said as he sent his wishes to the Jim Mandich family. A fan memorial service is scheduled for May 4th.

After that, Ireland got down to business and said that he likes the pick he made. Wasn’t flashy, but he knows what he is getting. He acknowledged that 15th overall pick Mike Pouncey is penciled in as the starting center…for now. Not guard like many thought. That of course will change when/if training camp starts and HC Tony Sparano starts tinkering with the line. Something he says he won’t do.

The biggest news of the day wasn’t the drafting of Pouncey or the skipping of any one of the three remaining QB’s, Ryan Mallett, Andy Dalton, and Colin Koepernick. Instead, it was the fact that the Dolphins didn’t trade down from the 15 slot and gain back a second round pick.

According to Ireland, the reason was simple. “The phones weren’t ringing”.

If what Ireland says is true and the Dolphins did use up all of their alloted time, it would make sense that they didn’t panic and grab someone that may not fit or may have been a reach. Pouncey is a quality center who should anchor the offensive line for years to come.

Some wondered why the Dolphins wouldn’t pick up the phone themselves and start calling but Ireland said that was something he doesn’t do. “You lose leverage when you do that”. It makes sense. Who’s going to give you what you want when your the one peddling the pick?

Either way, the Dolphins may have played it safe, but it could also be said they played it smart as well.

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  • joe

    EVerbody is saying to go after Dalton. ??? Am I missing something? Nathan Enderle is 6 5, 220+ and a waaaaay better QB than Daltan will ever be. Why because he resembles Romo and Parcells likes him??? Too small. We want a big guy who can rocket and sling. Unlike Chad nimble fingers INT Henne.

  • dodgeguy

    i like our pick,although richie should be center cause he can’t PULL a greasy string from….well you know.pouncey is much more athletic (guard)and i don’t think we drop off any at center.they all 3 need to be on the field at the same time.as far as q.b.’s go i don’t think that we’re desperate enough to have to reach for someone who isn’t an upgrade rightaway.IMO having to groom someone now says we’re giving up on upcoming seasons,and with this D only getting better with mike nolan we can get some wins from that side of the ball as well. i also think we need to treat our coaches the same as players…what i mean is we need to be thinking of locking up mike nolan long term so there can be some stability there as well IMO.

    • dodgeguy

      IMO we need to think about nothing else but SPEED AND PLAYMAKERS! we need to find a burner at WR so the primadona can actually get open? how can we call this guy a true #1 if he needs help to be good? i’m just sayin’. we need a serious return guy and depth at L.B.which in turn upgrades S.T.’cause we all know the really great S.T. are loaded with “D”.if we can get the D we have to make plays on the ball we can be special. i know…i’ve watched this team for a long time also and i know when i see a good team about to be great. if we can stay healthy and not play musical chairs with the o-line and rush the passer with a little more consistancy,cam can’t do it alone then we have as good a shot as anyone to get where we want to go! i’m just sayin’

  • bahamas

    Nothing but class that Jeff opened up with AWWWRIGHT Miami….
    but this picks made me fell like
    awww Miami….

  • davessi

    Enderle?? You must be joking…why pick up another interception machine. Dalton is a proven winner…he wins games. He is a solid leader and makes good decisions. He has thrown over 23 TD’s to just 8 ints his last two seasons. he won ALL of his BIG games…..Did I mention Dalton WON ALL OF HIS BIGGEST GAMES?? Now, I am not saying he will become the next Joe Montana, but he has way more potential. By the way, when was 6’3″ and 220lbs too small? someone will pick him up and they will benefit from a smart, winning QB.