Dolphins Select Daniel Thomas -- What's Left and Next

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So, what is next and what is left?  Well, the Dolphins currently have a fourth rounder (111th pick), a sixth rounder (179th pick), and two seventh rounders (218th and 235th picks).  And, they still have needs at QB, TE, WR, and OLB.  I thought I would give you a quick review of what is left at these positions.

Let’s start with QB.  The remaining QBs of interest and their projected round selection are Rickie Stanzi (Iowa – 4th Round), Pat Devlin (Delaware – 5th or 6th Round), Nathan Enderle (Idaho – 5th or 6th Round), and T. J. Yates (North Carolina — 6th or 7th Round).  I hope Stanzi is available at the 111th pick — he might be a steal.  If not, I like T. J. Yates with the 179th or 218th pick.  Here is a comparison of the remaining QBs of interest which includes Dalton, Gabbert, and Newton as a baseline.

There are still some very good TEs remaining in the draft — all who should come off the board in the 4th or 5th rounds.  They include Luke Stocker (6’5″ & 258 lbs from Tennessee), Virgil Green (6’3″ & 249 lbs from Nevada), Jordan Cameron (6’3″ & 254 lbs from USC), and D.J. Williams (6’2″ & 245 lbs from Arkansas).  The Dolphins seem to like Williams.  If the Dolphins select Stanzi in the fourth, then the remaining TEs of interest in the draft are included in the following table which includes Robert Housler (who went in the 3rd Round) as a baseline.  Some of these TEs could be selected in the 7th round like Brett Brackett who was actually a WR at Penn State.

For the 6th and 7th rounds, the Dolphins may also look to select a WR and/or OLB.  Here are some of the picks still available at these positions.  The two players in red, Robinson and Herzlich, are my favorites.

I think the Dolphins should take one player at each of these positions of need.  Although, they may choose to double down on a RB with my favorite, Roy Helu, still available.  What do you think?  Who should the Dolphins select with the remaining four picks?

I hope you enjoy the last day of the draft which starts at noon on Saturday.  Go Dolphins!

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