QB Prospects — Where Did They Go?

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Well, the 6th round also came and went without selecting a QB.  With Greg McElroy (Alabama) still available, the Dolphins traded up to the 9th pick and selected Charles Clay, TE/FB out of Tulsa.  You can check out how he compares with other second tier TEs.

I guess Ireland/Sparano planned all along to NOT to draft a QB — despite what they claimed.  They had plenty of opportunities and did not make the pick.  I think they had decided all along to go with Henne and maybe pick up a veteran as a token gesture.  I believe that they will never admit they were wrong about drafting Henne — who they thought was just as good as Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco.

However, something should be noted about the 2011 NFL Draft QB Prospects and Where Did They Go?

  • Round 1, Pick 1 – Panthers — Cam Newton (Auburn)
  • Round 1, Pick 8 — Titans — Jake Locker (Washington)
  • Round 1, Pick 10 — Jaguars — Blaine Gabbert (Missouri)
  • Round 1, Pick 12 — Vikings — Christian Ponder (Florida State)
  • Round 2, Pick 3 — Bengals — Andy Dalton (TCU)
  • Round 2, Pick 4 — 49ers — Colin Kaepernick (Nevada)
  • Round 3, Pick 10 — Patriots — Ryan Mallett (Arkansas)
  • Round 5, Pick 4 — Chiefs — Ricky Stanzi (Iowa)
  • Round 5, Pick 21 — Texans — T.J. Yates (North Carolina)
  • Round 5, Pick 29 — Bears — Nate Enderle (Idaho)
  • Round 6, Pick 15 — Ravens — Tyrod Tayor (VA Tech)
  • Round 7, Pick 5 — Jets — Greg McElroy (Alabama)

And, who is still available to pick up in free agency, whenever it happens?

  • FA — Pat Devlin (Delaware)
  • FA — Scott Tolzien (Wisconsin)
  • FA — Ryan Colburn (Fresno State)
  • FA — Jerrod Johnson (Texas A&M)
  • FA — Joshua Portis (California [PA])
  • FA — Jeff Van Camp (Florida Atlantic)

But, probably more important is which teams did not select a QB in the 2011 NFL Draft.  The list includes the following teams who really need QB help:  Bills, Browns, Seahawks, Redskins, and the Cardinals.  It is these teams that will be competing with the Dolphins for the veteran free agents or trades that will become available.  By the way, I believe the Seahawks are the front runners for Carson Palmer because of the Pete Carroll connection.  I believe the Cardinals are the front runners for Kevin Kolb — I don’t believe the Marc Bulger smokescreen.  I believe the Broncos will keep Kyle Orton.  And, I cannot believe the Redskins will stand pat with Rex Grossman as starting QB with John Beck as his back-up.  So, that leaves Vince Young, Donovan McNabb, and Bulger for the Dolphins to pursue along with Redskins Daniel Snyder’s big wallet.  I wonder how much of the Dolphins future they will give-up?

I really get this sick feeling that I will be seeing Chad DUH Henne starting for the Dolphins all next season with Tyler Thigpen in relief.  I think Ireland/Sparano plan to live or die with Henne.  Well, you know what?  Cam Cameron died along with his selection of John Beck.  And, Nick Satan died along with his selection of Dante Culpepper (over Drew Brees).  I hope you guys are right or there will be two more highly paid management personnel to add to the unemployment line in 2012.

What do you think?  Are you bummed the Dolphins did not select a QB in the draft?  Should the Dolphins have selected Stanzi or Enderle in the fourth round?  Are you happy with another year of Henne?


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  • Brady McAninch

    I understand your frustration with the Dolphins not drafting a QB, but I contend that this year was a very weak year for QBs in the draft. The fact that you are sad over the Dolphins not drafting Stanzi shows this. I am an Iowa fan and I have watched just about every game of the “Stanzi-Era” and the guy is not, nor will ever be, an above-average NFL QB, and I highly doubt he even becomes average. His arm strength is not there, and his decision making skills can fall apart in big games. I was glad to see the Dolphins avoid drafting him and build up the team around the QB position instead of reaching for a QB. I know that leaves us with a big question mark at that position, but I think it can be more effectively addressed through a trade than it could have been through this years draft.

  • Hawk_Eye

    Have you ever thought that most GM’s think none of these players in the draft aren’t good enough to be an NFL quarterback? And maybe they have other plans to aquire one via free agency or trades.

  • steve

    While I was disappointed at not taking a Qb. I really amnot sure that Stanzi would be one that I would want. I would have liked to see us draft either Locker or Gabbert. But since that didn’t happen. I wouldn’t mind seeing Scott Tolzien in camp as an undrafted guy. I think he brings more to table than Stanzi would have.

  • Ian

    Bulger or VY would be my choices. I’ll bet Thigpen doesn’t want to stick around as a 3rd stringer, so I wonder if they’ll sign an undrafted free agent like Josh Portis who they had a private workout with.

  • Michael

    I was really hoping that the Dolphins would pick either Dalton or Stanzi. I think they both have as much potential than projected first-round picks as with far less risk because they could be picked up later. Dalton came at an awkward time because the Dolphins were forced to use a 1st Round pick or give up alot to trade up into the second. Stanzi, however, was ripe for the picking in the 4th Round. Edmund Gates may turn out to be a decent receiver, but WR is one of the riskiest positions to draft. I really think that we should have picked Stanzi.

    • corners

      “Edmund Gates may turn out to be a decent receiver, but WR is one of the riskiest positions to draft”

      Idf say qb’s are the hardest to judge and always riskier then ANY other position by 2 or 3 times.

    • Brady McAninch

      Have you ever watched Stanzi play? Not an NFL QB. Honestly, I’m not sure he is even a viable backup. Don’t let stats fool you with him, the big ten has been down in recent years. Look at his game against Indiana last year.

  • bob

    I would like to see them bring in bulger and calab haine

  • Colton

    I think that we still have a legitimate chance at getting Carson Palmer. I mean, he is obviously not going to be playing in Cincy anymore. If I were the owner of the Bengals, I would gladly consider trades for him rather than just watch him walk away, leaving me empty handed. Given that many other teams would be interested in this former 1st overall, we should get on the ball and start proposing trades that they siimply can’t refuse.

  • jonly says?

    maybe Bulger or Billy Volek

    Less teams looking next year we can land Barkley, Kellen Moore, Kirk Cousins, Stepehen Garcia, Nick Foles

  • Jack

    The mistake, in my opinion, was passing on Mallet. The bifecta claim they “tried” to get him. I watched a couple of his interviews. What was wrong with him? We got an overdrafted running back instead. Nice try.

  • bond, david bond

    I believe Passing over Mallett is going to haunt us sooner then later. If Brady gets injured before the season playing hop scotch or marbles; guess who’s coming to dinner!

  • dolphan1991

    Dont panici qoute “DONT PANIC” still available are veterans QB donovan mcnabb,carson palmer,marc bulger,or vince young,or can it even be undrafted rookies pat delvin,joshua portis, jerrod johnson, or jeff van cam?…now i dont know if its a rumor but dolphins have already privately spoken to joshua portis thats somewhat good news :)

  • MassanuttenRef

    I would like to see them bring in somebody or somebodies. Pat Devlin is a very interest FA prospect — he looks to me to be the best of the rookie FA group and had the highest draft rating — actually higher than T.J. Yates and Greg McElroy.

  • Kenny

    After 15 years of Directv NFL Sunday Ticket, I am canceling thanks to this draft. There is no hope in this franchise. I’ll return when the ship is righted. Fair winds…

  • http://procerus.ca/ Steve Hoffart

    I gave up hope that we would draft a QB when 4 went in the top 12! In a draft where many thought a true franchise QB was not available 4 went in the top 12! Craziness. I think that Dalton would have been great for us, but a reach at 15. After that it’s a wasted pick to pray for a franchise QB in the 3rd-7th round and that’s what this team needs a FRANCHISE QB.

    Fact is that we’re too bad to make the playoffs and too good to draft in a position to grab a no doubter at QB. There are good QBs available, they’ve been mentioned, and any of them would be a considerably better now solution than some 5th round rookie.