Chris Clemons vs. DeAndre McDaniel

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Chris Clemons vs. DeAndre McDaniel

During this past weekend’s NFL draft there are plenty of readers out there understand my ‘man crush’ on a certain Free Safety prospect; DeAndre McDaniels.  When the draft ended I was shocked to see that not only did our Dolphins pass on this prospect, but every team in the NFL passed on him as well.  This left me wondering what the blood klat (Bahamian term)? Why in the world did this prospect that I felt had a first round grade, go undrafted?

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  • YO YO

    Nice Post Bahamas. Great read and nice analysis. Hopefully we will bring DeAndre in for a visit.

    • bahamas

      Thanks Yo

      I mean there is no harm or and there is no cost in bringing him in. If anything he will add competition to one of our weakest positions. Didnt Tony say he wants healthy competition for every position? well here is chance to prove it.

  • andre

    all the team in the league fell like he going to be a distraction. not 1 team was willing to take a chance on him thats saying something

  • Mike

    While I’m on board with moving on from C. Clemons, I’m more of the opinion that R. Jones should be starting. That guy made an immediate impact when he was given playing time late in the season. He singlehandedly killed a drive for one team on 3 straight plays. Wish I could remember the game. That being said I’d LOVE to DeAndre McDaniel compete with Reshad Jones. Those numbers don’t lie. He was a very productive college FS and hopefully he will get a chance to come here and contribute the same way.

    • bahamas

      Mike you are talking about the game against the Titans. Yes he played really well that game, but you can’t judge one player on one game. Remember we did that with AJ Feely….didnt really work out for us.
      DeAndre is the complete package for FS, and would automatically upgrade our secondary

      • Mike

        I agree 100% about judging a guy on one game, but that was the first action Jones had seen all year. Then he was buried on the depth chart again. Seems like he earned his reps during that game, but was put back on the bench. I’m all for an upgrade either way. I do think that Jones earned a shot to be the starter. His college numbers were great as well.

  • Ian

    I was really hoping the Phins would’ve drafted Free Safety Rahim Moore. He’s a ballhawk. He wasn’t ranked as a first round player, but I don’t care. He would have more impact on the Phins than Pouncey.

  • Gregory Brandyburg

    What the Dolphins need is continuity on Offense and Defense. If they(the Dolphins) want to give him(DeAndre McDaniel) a look, fine. But the starting FS position should be earned in training camp between C.Clemons and R. Jones.

  • bsawyerphinphan

    Deandre McDaniel had a fractured wrist. He fractured the scaphoid bone in his right wrist at Auburn in week two, and played with a cast or heavy wrap the rest of the season. This also accounts for his downturn in INTs.

    Following the season, he says he elected to not have surgery in order to concentrate on his training for the draft. A lot of teams were turned off by the injury still being there. The man is a special player, and will make a roster somewhere and star in the future.