Should Government be Involved in Lockout?

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Mike Dee, CEO


                        Reality hits home!

The recent announcement by Mike Dee, the CEO of The Miami Dolphins, to immediately cut employee salaries due to the NFL lockout has prompted me to direct my thoughts on just how much impact the most popular sport in America can have on our friends, neighbors and the economy as a whole. Obviously, merely being frustrated as a fan was not enough!

After all, before recently “THE LOCKOUT” only affected the players and owners, right? No, that is incorrect. Yesterday, it was the other guy. Today, it is us. This reminds me of the old adage questioning the difference between a recession and a depression. The answer is, “a recession is when your neighbor loses his job, and a depression is when you lose yours.” It could have been worse. Stephen Ross, owner of the team will take criticism for cutting salaries, but to his credit, did not announce layoffs. In fact, many other teams in the NFL have already made cuts and / or layoffs and had the end been in sight, he may have waited even longer.

Because this type of situation has the potential to at least mildly adversely affect the economy in practically every state in the country, I cannot help but wonder why the courts cannot hear the appeal sooner or somehow speed up the legal process. There is much more at stake here than player vs. owner, who by the way are sadly the ones that can afford to wait things out the longest. Think about it. Here is a recent example of basic macroeconomics.

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  • Adam Herman

    Of course they should, if it gets to a certain point. Teddy Roosevelt got involved in the labor disputes during the Coal Strike in the early 1900′s. It wouldn’t be the first time the government got involved in a labor stoppage by any means. The NFL is a business, so they’re just as much prone to government intervention during a labor stoppage as any other entity. In that sense it’s on a whole different level than the steroids crap.

    • fins4ever1

      I remember President Reagan getting involved with the Air Traffic Controllers, but as much as I love the game, football does not measure up to safety or energy services.

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