Adam Rank Of NFL.Com On 72 Phins my original title I had Adam Rank of listed with the word A-hole after his name.  Maybe I should have left it there. Rank has “ranked” his top 10 list of “diva’s” and whatnot that need to simply go away.  Those that he is simply tired of and he speaks as though the rest of the media and football fans are as well.  Forget about his hollow video voice over that sounds as if he were recording it while he was taking a dump, he lists the Miami Dolphins 1972 team as the number 1 thing that should just go away.

People, media and fans alike, get the hell off the backs of the ’72 Dolphins and their champaign popping celebrations.

Let’s be real for a moment.  I mean really real.  When has any member of the 72 team publicly came out and talked about the undefeated season?  When, on their own?  Not even Mercury Morris the front and center voice of “Perfectville” opens his mouth about the team unless…wait for it…he is asked.

99% of the time the 1972 teams mention is a result of, you guessed it, the media.  Each year we begin to hear not from the players themselves but from the ESPN anchors and the national media who start talking about the remaining undefeated teams in the NFL after weeks 4 or 5.  The Phins teams aren’t calling the media and saying, “Hey guys, we are still the only ones undefeated! Don’t forget about us.”

The Dolphins started the celebration of popping champagne years ago.  It wasn’t a team effort.  A few players got together and did it and it snowballed from there in the media.  Now, the media, again not the players, have portrayed this image of the living members of that team all flying into Miami after the last team is beaten for the first time to pop corks and celebrate in a big parade across the airwaves as they scream “we are still number 1″.

It was the NFL themselves who petitioned the players to join to together in a “Perfectville” commercial leading up to New England’s fabled failure to perfection.  It was the media who jumped all over the former NFL’ers for their opinion on what it will be like when someone else joins their “neighborhood”.  It was the New England Patriots who pre-purchased and coined all the phrases to go along with their perfect season…all of which can be seen being worn on kids all over Africa today.

The point is this.  I’m really getting tired of the media bashing surrounding the 1972 PERFECT Miami Dolphins.  Unlike many who use every opportunity to thump their chests and like some of the others on Ranks’ list who are all about “me, me, me”, this Dolphins team never opens their mouth unless they are asked and then they will be more than happy to oblige.

If the media are so tired of the 72 team then why do they continually talk about it and continually call up the members to ask them about it?  Then ridicule them for doing so?

Rank, like his mainstream media cohorts, need the 72 Miami Dolphins.  It gives them something to bitch about.  Perfection.  Something that they, the media, remind each and every fan every year, how rare it actually is to achieve it.  So keep the 72 team on the top of your lists and keep everyone else knowing exactly that the only team to never lose a game from start to finish is the Miami Dolphins.

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