Regardless of Your Feelings on Players, Owners Don’t Have Your Back

Brian Miller and I agree on an awful lot when it comes to football, but one thing he and I will not be on the same page with anytime soon is this NFL lockout. While I wouldn’t characterize Brian’s position as pro-owner, you certainly haven’t seen him taking it easy on the players either. I’m not so one-sided, I certainly can find plenty of fault with the players but I can find just as many, if not more reasons why no fan should actually support an NFL owner in this ordeal.

Regardless of how you feel about the players (and let’s ignore those feelings for a moment), the owners aren’t on the fans’ side either. The owners aren’t negotiating with the fans in mind at all, their interest in true NFL fans only extends as far as those fans’ wallets and purse-strings. And while that’s completely within their rights as businessmen, let’s not pledge allegiance to them quite yet. Give me five minutes and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Click below and read why no NFL fan should support the owners.

  • joe

    I am a verteran that served in the United States Navy for 10 years. I enjoy football just like anybody else in this country. D. Smith is a ruining it for everybody nomatter what side your on or support.

  • chuck

    I agree with joe’s comment. If the owners cave it will send a rippling effect through all pro sport’s. We come to see our team no matter who is playing for them! What Snith is doing is trying to ruin the competetive balance of football. Greed, Greed, Greed!!! When was the last time the player’s pitched in for team employee’s who work just as hard, when was the last time they took less money in exchange for lower ticket prices,or stadium maintenance or the employee’s(other than them) that work for the team’s they work just as hard and some(Coaches/Scouts) work alot more hours. And when the players play bad the Coaches are Fired!!

  • Joe

    Well I read it and that is just a dumb argument. Owners must pay to run their business just like everyone in business. They have blackouts because if a fans do not come to the game they don’t make money. Without money they can’t pay the players what they demand and there would be no football. Don’t forget that fans don’t just spend money at the game. They stay in hotels, buy gas, food, and many other items. This money goes into the local economy and supports that economy. So if all fans stayed home and watched it on TV what would that do to the local economy? The owners have their money at risk and just like every other business they are within their right to make a profit. Just like the players are in their right to make as much as they can too. If you think the players are right and just want to play and care about the fan then ask them how many of them are willing to take less money to play? None of them would and that is the reason both sides do not care about the fan they care about the bottom line money!!!!!!!

  • Brian Miller

    I agree as well…lol…big surprise. The NFL is the only place where the employee demands their salary. I really still dont know what the players want honestly. They say its not for more money but yet they wont negotiate and instead challenge the legality of the league. If the lockout was lifted what would they actually be suing for?

    Sorry Patrik but i also dont mind the blackouts if the game doesnt sell out. There are 32 cities with nfl teams and only 8 home games a year for those cities…its not like other sports where you get 40 – 60 or so. You need the seats filled.

  • corners

    I agree with chuck and Joe.

    The title should say players and owners dont have fans backs. If they did we would be hearing about lower ticket prices and gear. Anyone hear a player say he wants to give back?

  • beowulf

    As those before me have stated, this is ridiculous. Did the owners buy the franchise to make money, or to make US happy at THEIR expense. It’s the greed of the players wanting more and more to play a GAME!

    We fans love that game, so these spoiled jocks are basically trying to extort the owners into caving in to THEIR outrageous demands, using WE fans as their leverage. If the owners DID cave in to the union(Non-union), I would be disgusted. An NFL player already makes at least 10X what he should! The president makes about a mil and a half in a 4 yr contract. Paying an athlete more than that to play 20 games of football a year is beyond absurd!

    Side with whoever you wish, but I for one resent being “held hostage” by these millionaire athletes! I for one would rather watch less talented players playing for like 10% of the salaries…