Henne Taking Reigns Of Leadership

Blast him all you want.  Call him names, say he sucks, beg and pray for a new veteran QB who will cost draft pick compensation and a lot of money.  Who knows, Chad Henne may very well turn out to be everything many of you think he is.  A loser.  Another 2nd round bust in a long line of Miami Dolphin QB blunders.  Then again, maybe he might surprise you.

Those all may be things you can say about him but not taking a leadership role on this team is not one of them.  Not anymore.

The Dolphins are one of the first teams to gather for off-season workouts on their own.  You can thank Jake Long and Chad Henne for that as they were the two offensive leaders who got the team together.  Chad had the play book and the meetings with new OC Brian Daboll prior to the lockout.  It was his job to teach the team and install a new system.  Will it work?  Who knows but it won’t be for a lack of effort on the part of Chad Henne.

“For me, it was more just being around the guys and trying to be a leader on the football team and showing the guys — the coaches and teammates — that I want to be around them and I want to be in Miami,”

Jake Long has spoken volumes of his fellow Michigan QB and in the days before the death of Jim Mandich, Mandich told many to get off his back that he would be a good NFL QB, he just needed some time.

What has been lacking in Henne is decisiveness.  Leadership and emotion.  A propensity to check down instead of going deep.  He was a target of Brandon Marshall’s diva attitude last year and was a product of a Dan Henning offense that generated more confusion among the offensive players than it did points on the scoreboard.  The Dolphins have for one more year before he becomes a free agent.

No one believes that Henne should be on the short list for a contract extension and many believe that he will likely not find a role on the team as a starter once free agency begins to kick-off the 2011 season.  Still, Jeff Ireland and company skipped the drafting of a QB to challenge him and it remains to be seen what length they will go to in an open market to replace or challenge him in.

For now, like him or not, know that he is being applauded by his teammates and is earning their respect.  The first step in really becoming the leader on a team.   Know that while some teams opt to not workout on their own, Henne is a driving force to bring his offensive players together and learn a new system while teaching it at the same time.

Also realize that I posted an article that wasn’t about the NFLPA!

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  • josylyn

    Writer loves Henne. Water is wet…

  • Will C

    Good for him whether he’s our QB not you gotta admire him showing effort. I for one hopes he can prove himself.

  • Ranadicus

    Expectation is reality and everybody expected far too much from a second year starter last season. Completing 61.4% of your passes for 3301 yards and 19 interceptions are acceptable numbers from a second starter, it’s the 15 touchdowns that hurt. If they learn to finish drives we can win plenty of games with Henne.

  • Randy

    My opinion has always been that
    Chad Henne plays with…
    No Passion
    No Pocket Presence
    No Improvisational Skills
    A Fear of Making A Mistake

    Maybe it is because I respect The Mad Dog’s last request to give Henne another chance;
    or that Dan Henning was the main source of the problem;
    but I am starting to believe that Henne might just
    might make a half-decent QB.

    There are three basic types of opinions on Henne….
    (a) Henne Haters… Who see ZERO potential
    (b) Realistic fans… Who think he can be a #12 to #15 ranked QB
    (c) Delusional fans… Who think he can be a top 5 QB

    Henne ranked #26th in 2010. Daboll has a chance to make him a top 15 QB but Henne will never win a Super Bowl. 17 out of the last 19 Super Bowls have been won by a top 5 QB. The Fins must acquire a top veteran QB or take a 1st round chance in the draft if they want to win another Super Bowl.

  • Lou

    One of my biggest issues with Henne has been his lack of leadership and almost seriousness when it comes to the game during the regular season. Maybe now he’s just begun to realize it isn’t just a game anymore like it was in college, but his job, which he gets paid for and perhaps he’s growing up and maturing and hopefully he will emerge as our future QB after all…I’m not holding my breath, but one can only hope.

  • faversham

    Give the guy a break. He’s operating behind the worst line in the NFL (in 2010), depleted receiver set (Marshall, Hartline, Fasano), and he’s a bust? Look at Marino in the last year(s) of the Jimmy Johnson debacle. The greatest QB who ever lived made to look average (and scapegoat) by an outdated offensive “philosophy” and self-aggrandizing “genius” (yeah, right) coach. Consider: if Dan Marino can be marginalized, what about a Henne, gifted but in no ways a Marino. Henne stank, but he was under constant pressure, had no running game, no speed, no OL — and he’s the goat? Gimme a break. Doesn’t anyone in Miami actually watch the games? (Since the departure of the Robbies, Miami, like it or not, isn’t an NFL city.) Henne ain’t no Danny (who is?) but Sparano and Parcells/Ireland deserve more blame than the QB. You think Marino could’ve rescued this expansion team? Only Pennington, in one of the greatest seasons an NFL QB ever had (considering what he inherited), did a Marino — no, surpassed Marino — assisted by a weak sister schedule — and dimwitted Miami fans blame Henne when the cold splash of reality hits home? Watch the games, man. Sparano has shown he can’t even coach the OL, much less a team.

    • Robert Jason

      Fav…a VERY persuasive argument.
      I think the departure of Henning may help…I just wished he’d been replaced by someone with more experience and success.

      • faversham

        RJ: Sparano, he of the “We’ll still run first” is still at the reins and, to mix metaphors, this guy can’t drive. He can’t even put an English sentence together, for those who notice such things. I know it’s ancient history but I’m still laughing at the amazing 2009 2-point decision in the 2nd Jets game that let the Jets back into the game (though they didn’t capitalize on it). He can’t even count. I’m also not on the Dan Carpenter bandwagon. You can’t be as unreliable as the rest of the team in clutch situations. Maybe, viz. Mare, Stoyanovich, you can — it’s the Dolphins, a purported NFL team in a non-NFL city.

  • Lou

    Marino had the fire in the eyes that decisive winners have from the start, when he came in to replace David Woodly. He would’ve never been caught laughing about going 3 and out from the opposite’s team 4yard line, especially, when all the plays were pass plays (play calling/coaching issue) Miami’s biggest problem are Ireland and Sparano, and Ross is no Joe Robbie. I wanted to see the Dolphins get Cowhert much more than I cared who they drafted. I will start with a clean slate next time we have an NFL season, but my patience is running out on coaching and Henne for that matter.

    • Robert Jason

      Lou…you and faversham have pretty much crystalized my thoughts precisely…in far less words than I, most likely LOL

      To have our beloved Fins considered a joke by much of the rest of the NFL based on the debacle post season last (the coaching “search”) the horrible home record, horrific special teams play, Sparano’s fist pumps for field goals, soon to be duplicated by Brian Daboll (I hope not) is discouraging to the extreme. However, Henne’s apparent attitude transplant may help define a new Fins team…if they ever play.

      OT, but MUST we have to deal with the annoying “type the two words” security crap?
      I can’t even discern the letters most times.

  • JPick

    Im behind Henne for at least one more year, he has the tools, and even he has to start realizing that hes not going to get the vote of confidence if he keeps playing the way he has. He will start playing more fearless because he will know he wont have anything to lose at this rate.

  • Ian

    I’m a 100% Henne supporter. I still do believe he’s the Phins future and deserves another year. Especially with a healthy O-line that has more depth, a new O-coordinator and new weapons (Gates, Clay and Thomas). I just really wish the Phins would’ve went after FS Rahim Moore in the draft. They really need somebody who can be a ballhawk on defense to give the offense more opportunities.

  • beowulf

    I’ve said all along that there is no fair way to actually judge Henne’s potential. On the down side, he’s been very timid and plays as if afraid to make mistakes, and shows little passion on the field as well as the fact that he telegraphs his throws by staring down his primaries, and has seen little success here.

    The guy has an arm and once somebody allows him to play the game, and the offense understands that he is THE guy these things might change. I’m still unhappy with the choice for QB coach this season, but perhaps he’s learned enough on his own that with solid play-calling and a line, he can become more than his haters will admit that he can. Only time will tell. I’m going to cheer for him this season, just as I have in all of the games he’s played.

    I’ve often stated my belief that Tom Brady is more of a product of good coaching than raw talent, and that I doubt that even he would have fared well under the same conditions that Henne has had to face.

    • Robert Jason

      With that said, I TOTALLY disagree with your assessment of Brady, especially as I dislike the Patsies ALMOST as much as the Jets.
      Brady makes all the throws, is in the face of his teammates (positively, as opposed to Marino’s “THE LOOK”) olays through pain, and is the model of consistency.
      He won 2 SB’s will basically a 3rd rate receiving corps.

      By your reasoning, Montana would rate way down the scale as well.
      Both these guys made/make the plays when they need to be made.
      Brady didn’t lose the SB to the Giants, Manning WON it for the Giants.

      BTW, WHAT system? Basically, the Pats are a pass first, run to keep them loose team, which depends on the ability of the QB to make ALL the throws.

      Our receivers currently are as good or better than what the Pats had then. If Henne is given (as Daboll intimates) a SIMILAR system in which to work, if he has less than 20 TD ‘s or 3500 yards, and stinks it up in the red zone, we’ll no longer have (rightfully, I believe) Henning to blame.

  • josylyn

    Funny how all the Henne lovers will blame everything and anybody except Henne himself. We’ve seen enough of this stiff and if you think he’s getting any better I have a bridge to sell you.

  • Robert Jason

    I am not a Henne lover, but do you REALLY think Henning made it any easier? Yanking Henne out in the midst of a successful drive to run the Wildcat?
    Our defense not getting nearly enough takeaways (dropped interceptions, etc)to give us better field position. Speaking of which, we were one of the worst in the league a kickoff returns. Lousy starting field position seemed to be the norm,
    Sure, Henne more often than I’d like, Henne looked at receivers, held the ball too long, or dumped it off for the safe play, instead of going for the big play.

    That must stop, or he will replaced. With whom (who?)…now THAT is the question we should be discussing here.

  • joe

    Henne should not even be used in the same sentence as Marino. The only decent QB on the market that wins is Vince Young. I’m admitting I am not a huge fan, but the best guy for coming to Miami at QB is the one that has the lowest interception and/or fumble ratio, and that is not Henne.