Is the Lockout Really an Opportunity in Disguise?

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The title to this article is the third I had considered using, and in the end I narrowly decided against “Where is Your Breaking Point” and “When is Enough, Enough?” Now that you get the gist of the topic, what do you think? Is this an opportunity as a fan to tell the overpaid whining divas to shove it, “I Ain’t Watching You No More” or do you feel the players deserve the big salaries and the costs passed on to the consumer “won’t be too bad”? After all, can you blame a person for trying to make the most money he or she can at his or her trade? Have you given the subject much thought? Maybe you should, and this article is meant to help you do just that.

An AMAZING Lockout Only a Rat Could Love

The NFL lockout and lack of progress can only be termed as “nonexistent negotiations” have been well covered by other articles on this site as well as many other sources of media, thus not worthy of further debate. Quite frankly, I believe all of us are tired of kicking that pigskin, and the pig is really tired of it!
The good news is I don’t look for the status quo to last much longer. My prediction is the courts will not be the deciding factor, although it may appear that way, despite Demarcus “we want to play football ” Smith’s best efforts to drag it out as long as possible through the legal system while sucking the NFLPA for all he can get both politically and monetarily.

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