Is the Lockout Really an Opportunity in Disguise?

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The title to this article is the third I had considered using, and in the end I narrowly decided against “Where is Your Breaking Point” and “When is Enough, Enough?” Now that you get the gist of the topic, what do you think? Is this an opportunity as a fan to tell the overpaid whining divas to shove it, “I Ain’t Watching You No More” or do you feel the players deserve the big salaries and the costs passed on to the consumer “won’t be too bad”? After all, can you blame a person for trying to make the most money he or she can at his or her trade? Have you given the subject much thought? Maybe you should, and this article is meant to help you do just that.

An AMAZING Lockout Only a Rat Could Love

The NFL lockout and lack of progress can only be termed as “nonexistent negotiations” have been well covered by other articles on this site as well as many other sources of media, thus not worthy of further debate. Quite frankly, I believe all of us are tired of kicking that pigskin, and the pig is really tired of it!
The good news is I don’t look for the status quo to last much longer. My prediction is the courts will not be the deciding factor, although it may appear that way, despite Demarcus “we want to play football ” Smith’s best efforts to drag it out as long as possible through the legal system while sucking the NFLPA for all he can get both politically and monetarily.

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  • Deof Movestofca

    I’m not sure just how much credence I would give to the following conspiracy theory, but I sometimes wonder whether the whole lockout has been manufactured by both sides to remind the fans just how much some of us value football. Maybe it’s just the cynic in me, but I find it hard to believe that both sides don’t realize how much they will lose if they don’t resolve this dispute.
    Beyond that, I find the article a bit one-sided. While I agree with you that players should realize how fortunate they are to get paid the amounts they receive, I think the same could be said of the owners. IOW, I fail to see just what they do that makes them any more worthy to receive such vast sums of money.
    As for your solutions, my feelings on unions are mixed. While they have been helpful in correcting some wrongs, they’re equally responsible for causing, or at least preventing the fixing, of others. As for minimum and maximum salaries, I would think it would only be fair if there is one for the players, it’s only fair there should be one for the owners as well. Seeing as that is unlikely, I would prefer to see contracts that are more geared toward incentives than base play, especially for rookies. Finally, I’m not a big fan of increasing the number of games unless in can be done in such a way that it doesn’t further erode the importance of division games, which has gone from 50% (except for the old NFC West and AFC Central) to 37.5% of a team’s game and would only be 30% under an 18 game season.

  • Bill

    Liked the article Joe, if nothing else, it’ll prove to my wife and friends that I’m not the only dolphin “fanatic”. My dolphin fan resume looks eerily similar to yours. As for the meat of the article, I agree with a lot of what your saying although I’m not quite as quick to put this on the players. The average playing career is what 3 years? And even the superstars rarely see more than 10 or 12. That should be taken into consideration and perhaps a better retirement plan should be initiated. Oh, and rookie salary caps would be the best way to start spreading the wealth a little better.

  • joshua

    I hear many people blame players salaries for high ticket prices but i think the truth is the price is set by what fans will spend. Who thinks if the players take less ticket prices will go down. There are fewer people to pay to put on a concert than a football game are the tickets any cheaper? Depends how many people want to see the show. Prices are what they are, the total with tv deal is what it is. We all know its unbalanced in comparison to the working masses and what we earn, but who should get the money. I dont pay to see the owner.The money isnt going to change and i think the players should get as much as they can. If the owners want to cry poor open the books.