Dallas Takes Their Talents To Southbeach


Off topic? Yes. Local? Yes. Covered? Of course. It’s safe to say that tonights NBA Finals between the Dallas Mavericks and the Miami Heat will go down in history as one of the best series in the NBA. It will also go down in history as one of the biggest upsets.

If you’re a Heat fan, forget about the closeness of the games, don’t chide me on the fact that the Dallas Mavericks are a good team. The facts are simple, Lebron James made a mockery of Cleveland when he declared that he was “taking his ‘talents’ to Southbeach“. Tonight, it was the Mavericks who had the talent.

Aside from Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Kidd, the Mavericks have no star talent. Not the kind to match that of Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade, and King Lebron. No, they have a team. A team comprised of “us’s” instead of “me’s”.

Dwayne Wade is the class of the team, but it was the loud thud on the court by the classless self absorbed million upon million dollar man Lebron James that made the loudest noise. James finished his first season in Miami the same way he finished every year in Cleveland. Leaving fans to wonder if he really was “THE” man or just a very talented athlete who choked when it mattered most.

Forget about the comparisons to Michael Jordan, Lebron James doesn’t come close. The Miami Heat still may become the dynasty that James predicted, but it will forever be tarnished by the epic fail known as the 2011 NBA Finals.

Lebron James failed the city of Miami just as he failed his hometown of Cleveland. He will take the blame publicly and likely point his finger privately, but the reality is that James fails on so many levels when it comes time to perform under pressure.

Miami Heat fans are not happy. If you’re one of them, your likely pretty pissed off at me right now as well. But you know what, no matter what you think, the Heat blew it. They have been doing that all year long. Talking the talk and coming up a bit short when they had to walk the walk.

Tonight, the Miami Heat got beat by a team. Not a threesome of high priced, high profile free agents. A team. It was an epic series that was a lot of fun to watch, it was an epic fail for the man who held a city hostage with his playing futures decision, and captivated no one with his hour long program to declare his intentions on where to play.

Lebron James will have a very long off-season to think about next season and the season that was, but if there is one thing that he is very familiar with, it’s losing when it matters most. Cleveland…Miami…the only thing different for James is the weather.

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  • markeyh

    Are you happy now?

  • markeyh

    Take Lebron away from the Heat this year and they do not make it past Boston or Chicago….I love D Wade but he sucked against Chicago. FACT! So for you to come up with this pathetic rant just shows you are nothing more than a Hater!

  • Jake Roans

    The wrong “your” is used.

    Your indicates possession, as in “that is your hat”.
    You’re is for you are, as in “if you’re a Heat fan, you are not happy”

  • James Dean

    Liked the article. Le bro bro is indeed a selfish choke artist. The thing that stood out most to me in the article, however sad, was the use of “your” in place of “you’re” on a consistent basis. Your grammar failed as hard as Lebron.

  • corners

    People that point out someones grammar mistakes, regardless of their profession, usually don’t have a better argument.

    D.wade did great in the playoffs, Lebron didn’t. FACT.
    Lebron is no Jordan, not even close. 0-2 Finals record in 8 seasons. FACT

  • beowulf

    It simply takes MORE than individual talent to win at a TEAM sport… (I HAVE to get one of those “Mavolier” shirts!)

  • Brian Miller

    Thanks for pointing out my mistakes…appreciate it. ESPN is doing a nice job of pointing out Lebrons tjis morning.

  • Brian Miller

    Not fun typing on an IPad. Should have said “this”. Not tjis…lol

  • armyrn

    Great series though people in Cleveland are happy “Le Boob” (one of many of the names that he is known in Cleveland) Failed to get his ring….Just shows that the guy has no heart or character…IMO the team with those traits won it last night

  • RC

    To many ego’s on one team and no center.
    not a heat fan =hate the Dallas owner.
    next year LAKER’S

  • Tuckin

    Would it be churlish of me to ask what the point of this is on a Dolphins site?

    Yes. It probably would. But I’m doing it anyway. There’s a world of sites out there for basketball fans – I’m here for one reason only.

  • Brian Miller

    This was a subject that was brought up when James came to Miami. Its a local Miami story, there is a lockout and we also have a heat forum on site as part of our forum structure. Other than that…nope, no real reason…:)

  • fins4ever1

    I might be able to tie this article into “Dolphin News”.

    Let’s just say considering the talent The Miami Heat (the Yankees of B ball) bought, this season should be considered a failure and it leaves no doubt what team or sport OWNS Miami. Go Fins!

  • Mike

    Why is everyone so quick to throw out the word “hater”? I wish that word would go away. It’s way over used. LeBron says/does dumb stuff, people call him on it, and then everyone is a hater.