Eye in the Sky – Scouting The Next CFL Break Out Player

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Eye in the Sky – Scouting the next CFL break out player

We have seen a recent wave of talent being brought to the NFL in the past few years which should be credited to CFL, Canadian Football League.  As we don’t have a chance to see our team doing any sort of football activities it might interesting to take a look at what is going on in Canada, and that is training camp. 

Cameron Wake has shown and proved to us that it won’t take long for an athlete that is playing north of the Boarder to make an impact in the NFL.  During the next few articles let’s take a closer look at a few prospects that might get an opportunity to be the next Warren Moon, Cameron Wake, or Jeff Garcia.

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  • YO YO

    Nice post, but as you stated I can’t see our team looking into the CFL for WR, unless there is an injury. That catch was amazing though!

  • finz2theleft

    WOW! Sweet catch..but i don’t think WR is a priority right now..If the CFL has another Cameron Wake or maybe even a Warren Moon that’s another story!

  • Ian

    Too bad we didn’t go after Andy Fantuz. The Bears got their hands on him first.