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S. J Green – WR Montreal Alouettes.

Name Year   Team No. Yards Avg Long TD
GREEN, S 2007 MTL 6 73 12.2 23 0
GREEN, S 2008 MTL 5 41 8.2 12 1
GREEN, S 2009 MTL 15 239 15.9 48 2
GREEN, S 2010 MTL 58 875 15.1 67 10
Career Total 84 1,228 14.6 67 13

Extracted from CFL.CA


This prospect has what we call ‘sticky hands’ making almost every impossible catch, possible.  Based on the limited game film that I have seen, he reminds me a lot of OG (Oronde Gadsden).  He doesn’t have blazing speed, but would roam the field like a slot WR.  Has shown great improvement year by year, increasing his stats due to more production and confidence the team has in him.


Limited speed and his height, standing at 6’ feet tall, are his weakness is my opinion. Plus we don’t know how he plays against jam technique since the CFL game is a spread approach. 


WR is a position where we good to great depth.  Reviewing the potential WR Free Agents, it would only limit the chance of Green coming to the NFL and suit up for our team.  Although he’s got amazing hands, it might not be enough.  However, I would still bring him in for a visit and if we could stash him on our practice squad.

Now that you have seen the picture, watch the play:

CFL Catch of the year

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