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Hi guy’s not posted for a while, I have been busy studying the Wing T offense (more on that later).

I have watched intently the goings on the with NFL, and been dismayed to see the labour issue drag on and on. What it has brought home to me is that the NFL is not a sport, it’s not fun, it’s not whole sum entertainment. It is a business and an ugly one at that! (ok, ok a bit dramatic I know but hear me out).

You see here in England, anyone who plays, coaches or helps out on game days from JV to Senior football do it for free because of the love of the sport! OK, our game is light years from the NFL (and boy, money has certainly spoiled “soccer”)  in fact most people pay for the privilage withsubs or league administration etc. Some of you are aware this year I joined Manchester Met University Eagles, a fledgling team that has joined the British Universities American University League (BUAFL). I was orignially posted to be the defensive coordinator, but now have been asked to be the offensive coordinator, hence the Wing T reference earlier.

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