Jonesin For A Cure….

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Jonesin for a cure….

When you take a look at the entire Miami Dolphins Defensive unit and you look for a weakness or an area to exploit, you don’t have to look any further than the Free Safety position. It’s been evident since Brock Marion left us, and has been filled in with stop gap players ever since.

Renaldo Hill was the best player we had at the position since then, and that is not saying anything.  Opposing teams will continue to line up with 4 to 5 WR sets or double TE spread wig until we do something to address this aspect of the field.

Now there has been a lot discussion and debate about our current starter on the team, Chris Clemons, and based on my opinion I don’t think he is the answer; another stop gap player that has been giving us time to either look somewhere else or develop from within.

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