Jonesin For A Cure….

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Developing from within….that’s weird to say or think when you hear about the Miami Dolphins.  Countless regimens that have lead our team have always built for a win now foundation, thereby sending our developmental assets to other teams in respect to draft picks.  However, we need to give credit when credit is due, and our current front office has learned to cherish draft picks.

Our Regimen building from within philosophy has provided an instant upgrade in the interior of our game.  Our deepest positions of talent are on the line of scrimmage for both facets of the game.  Looking at these assets you can’t help but notice the draft selection.

Jake Long – 1st round
Philip Merling – 2nd round
Kendall Langford – 3rd round
Jared Odrick – 1st round
Mike Pouncey – 1st round
Paul Solia – 4th round

The list can go on, and one main observation is that you can’t help but notice anything less than a 4th round draft selection within the interiors of the line, now let’s switch the attention to the weakest link on our team Free Safety:

Chris Clemons – 5th round
Rasheed Jones – 5th round

Now there are many arguments out there that state you draft based on need, and how the board unfolds, and in cases with this regimen they were pleased  with these selections, but can you tell me the last time a 5th round selection made an serious impact?

Manny Wright? Cried himself off the team….and in other years we traded away our draft picks.  The last time we saw any potential out of the 5th round, was Zach Thomas. 

Do you believe that Jones or Clemons will have that type of impact?

I don’t see Clemons developing into a starter at all, maybe a second tier player, but not the player that I would want to anchor my secondary around.

Rasheed Jones, is the player that I will be focusing my attention to.  Just like last year, where we thought Clemons would take hold of this position, it’s now time for this young former Bulldog to prove to us that he can make us forget about all previous players.  Anchor the secondary, implement the Robber and steal the position away.

We only have one game to judge this prospect on, and against the Titans he played and dominated.  We haven’t seen that type of playmaking ability since Louis Oliver was holding our secondary down.

Rasheed Jones if you are out there, your time is now….we the fans are waiting patiently and jonesin that you are the cure for the Free Safety position.

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