Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, Mankins, and V. Jackson Are Douche-bags

UPDATE:  Apparently three of the 4 have decided to back off a bit on their demands.  Brees, Manning, and Jackson have said they will not hold off a deal for their own personal gain.  So maybe the comments by a “punter” was enough to stir up the old public opinion freight train.  It’s also being reported that Mankins may not have asked for anything…but that isn’t confirmed.

It’s hard for me to believe that the fans, employees of teams, and the owners are thrilled with the way this entire negotiation process has gone.  I don’t even believe that the early ire of my hatred filled thoughts, DeMaurice Smith, is thrilled with the way these negotiations have gone.  Not the judges, not anyone.  So while it seemed that a deal was closer to closure than at any point in the last 3 years, it was not lost that the names of four of the individual plaintiffs could throw a wrench into the whole thing.

Yes, the millionaires that are representing some 1800 plus NFL ballers want a little “somethin’ somethin’” for themselves.  They want to be completely exempt from ever being franchised again.  And it appears that they may be actually holding up the negotiations to the point that a deal that was supposed to voted on tomorrow by the players and Thursday by the owners is suddenly up in the air.


Well, that’s not exactly my term for them.  Instead, it comes from one of those 1800 players who they supposedly represent.  Chris Kluwe the punter of the Vikings tweeted this not to long ago:

“Sigh, and once again greed is the operative byword. Congrats Brees, Manning, Mankins, and Jackson for being ‘that guy’.  #douchebags.

I’m sure that Peyton Manning will enjoy being called out again by a kicker.  The truth is that Kluwe likely is echoing the sentiments of many out of work NFL players right now who simply want to get back to playing football and getting paid.  He also likely speaks the same thoughts as many fans.  The reality is simple.  It was Drew Brees who opened up his mouth in the days following the decertification of the NFLPA that said this labor unrest had nothing to do with money.  It was also Brees who repeatedly spoke about not putting up with the NFL’s lies.  Yet it is the actions of that same Drew Brees that has everyone pointing directly to the issue of money.

So is it any surprise that at the end of this long drama it comes down to what four want instead of what is best for the players?  I have ascertained  all along, much to the disgust of many of this sites readers that the NFL and the owners held, most of the time, the integrity of the game to a higher standard than their own wants.  Drew Brees and company talked often about the integrity of the game but have yet to truly show that it really matters to them at all.  So long as they get paid.

My hats off to any player who has the balls to speak publicly about their disgust with this process…in regards to both sides when it’s fair.  While I’m not sure “douche-bag” is an appropriate choice of words to describe two of the best QB’s in the league, at least it’s a strong comment about his displeasure with them all.

Now if only the other 1800 would do the same.  Maybe this notion can be dropped and the two sides can shake hands and get back to the real work of playing football.

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  • armyrn

    “douchebags” Ya think…those so called plaintiffs jumped on the “Get mine first” bandwagon as soon as all of this took place…Dont be fooled..these players couldn’t give a rats #ss abot the fans,thier team,the NFL or any other player. Thier current and past actions have only pointed to getting as much out of the NFL no matter who they step on.

  • Brass Monkey

    Armyrn, it has been said before but I’ll say it again… the OWNERS opted out of the existing CBA and went looking for a bigger share. The players are greedy too, but it’s a smaller-scale, less-sophisticated form of greed than that of the owners.

    By all accounts, Brees is a pretty good guy , Peyton and Mankins are decent enough, and VJax may or may not be a D-Bag.

    We don’t really know who is behind all of this posturing – it could be one of the four, or all of them making these silly demands for special treatment.

    Either way I think they’re bluffing, trying to get a little extra. When it comes down to it the suit will be dropped in-time. I’ll be REALLY surprised if any of these guys actually has the balls to hold up the CBA with their “personal demands”.

  • Brass Monkey

    I’ll put it to you like this:

    The player’s greed is all about buying Bentleys and avoiding an MC Hammer-style bankruptcy. For the more responsible guys it’s about making sure that they can pay their medical bills after they retire, and making sure that they, their kids and maybe their grandkids will be financially secure.

    The owners already have more money than anyone (or any family) could ever, ever, ever, ever hope to spend. It’s greed for the sake of greed- and that’s far worse in my book.

    • Randy C

      You say owner’s are greedy !!!
      the average profit for an nfl team is around 34 million a year at a cost of 1 billion plus investment.
      Brass answer this)
      Would you invest 100 grand for a year to get a $340.00 return????

      • Chris

        Where are you getting your numbers? NFL owners have never publicly released their accounting books.

  • corners

    “Chris Kluwe”

    Who? I think its funny you picked a punters comments, of all the positions with probably the least amount of leverage.

  • corners

    And i really doubt the $10 mil is really about the money, as all those players would make way more then that if franchised. They dont want to be franchised over and over again with no long term deal.

    Ive been against the players for most of this, we know the owners are in it for the money, but i cant blame the players for being pissed and wanting the uncertainty that comes with a franchise tag to end.

    If they get injured on a franchise tag year they are screwed with no long term insurance.

  • Zach

    This has got to be the stupidest fucking thing I have ever read. The NFL is a business just like everything else. Educate yourself on what is really happening, and stop pretending to understand. Fucking faggot.

  • Zach

    The NFL is a business, it will operate as such. Let them handle their business and stop being a smart ass. This is exactly what the fuck is wrong with the media.

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  • Brian Miller

    I didn’t say it douchebag! An NFL player did…what was it you said…nice

  • Martin

    wow that is harsh. by all accounts Brees is a community minded guy – hard to believe he would betray that for a few more dollars at the expense of others.

  • Brian Miller

    Its being reported that the nflpa will not try and get special treatment for the plaintiffs. Brees has called the reports of his interest BS. According to the Boston Globe the NFLPA said it would be too cumbersome to get it done now.

  • Brian Miller

    I still find it funny as hell that a punter called them douches…lol

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  • corners

    Where are all hte players asking for lower ticket prices so it doesnt cost me 2 weeks worth of wages to bring my family to a game. Or the almost $300 it costs for some fabric with numbers logo’s on it. I bet they dont even cost $30 to make