Players Expected To Vote On Friday

UPDATE 2: According to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen, the NFLPA will not likely vote on the proposal today. One reason is that members of the NFLPA executive committe are attending the funeral of the late wife of Robert Kraft. Mortensen also believes that this will likely drag over the weekend and that without a vote of yes, teams will not open their doors tomorrow as reported yesterday by the NFL. Earlier, 49′er player rep, Takeo Spikes said that the players are not bound by the NFL’s time schedule and will not vote or agree to a new deal until they get what they consider to be a fair deal…implying that currently it is not a fair deal. The NFLPA is also seeking an opt out clause in year 7 of the deal.

UPDATE 1: Well that didn’t take long. We have our first update of the day. Not a big one but an update nonetheless. Appearing on ESPN a short while ago, Redskin player rep Vonnie Holliday, fomer Miami Dolphin Vonnie Holliday, said there is no reason that the lockout can’t be lifted without a CBA in place. He said that the league “bamboozled” the players and that they lied to the players. Holliday also said that the owners have lied to the fans as well.

Yesterday was crazy. And not in a good way. First there was the breaking news that the lockout was over. Then there was the deception ridden Emails from the players side decrying the NFL press conference saying the lockout was over.

Today, the players are expected to vote on that same proposal and it appears that as it stands now, some of the team player reps will vote no. Considering that they are tunnel of information to each team, this could be a bad day.

It’s hard to understand what exactly went wrong last night, but it’s very clear that the players are not happy and believe that they have been lied to. They believe that the owners are trying to put pressure on them to do a deal that they don’t want to do.

I find this a bit surprising as I have stated quite often, they knew the owners were going to vote on this and they themselves were supposed to vote on this Wednesday…so why are they surprised? Perhaps it was because of the jovial nature of the leagues announcement.

I still maintain this is more of a case of the players wanting to stand and say “They accepted our proposal” as opposed to “we accepted theirs” or to be more precise, the NFL saying “they accepted our proposal”. Does it really matter in the overall commitment of both sides? No. Not at all.

So focus will turn once again to the players today as they try and iron out what they call the 3 to 5 remaining issues that have not been dealt with. While none appear to be a hurdle in getting a deal done, the fact that the league has made bold announcements despite the lack of player acceptance can blow this up entirely.

Does anyone truly believe that the players wouldn’t simply vote “no” out of spite? Of course they just might and the owners would likely do the same if the shoe were on the other foot. If the players do approve the deal, the league year will start on Wednesday and players will join their teammates starting tomorrow.

If that happens, then next week will be even crazier than it was last night…but in a good way.

Stick with throughout the day as we keep you updated on all the “rumors”, “facts”, and “latest” as this critical day unfolds.

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  • James Cardinal

    I just have to say both side are not being very professional about it they all cry foul and I’m over all the garbage of both side. The players make so much money and then they want more and no one look out for the #1 person …. The FAN !! I’m starting to think we just don’t need this any more let’s just put them all out of work and not go to any games and not get season tickets.. I have season tickets and I’m thinking of not even bothering with them any more as much as I love football and my team. This is for the birds so let’s get this done now and stop crying over spilled milk.

    -James Cardinal, Orlando, FL.

  • corners

    If the players vote not out of spite they wont get a good deal from the owners again. The owners in the end own the leverage when it all comes down to it. If the players are truly mad because they wouldn’t go first then the heck with them fools. There is plenty of talent willing to take their spots. Don’t fool yourself, people will still watch them.There will still be td’s , exciting plays and games down to the wire

  • Brian Miller

    I don’t know if they are mad they didn’t go first or not, that is my own personal opinion on the matter as it was to their reaction. I have a hard time believing that Roger Goodell and D. Smith were talking all day and then the owners vote and Goodell simply allowed it with no deal being done.

    I seriously believe, personally, that the players wanted to go first.

  • armyrn

    its funny how all of a sudden the players want to actually read this agreement…..Curious on it took all of 5 minutes to reject previuos proposals……….And WTF was everyone doing during the weeks of so called negotiating prior to all of this? Wasn’t the NFLPA there when proposal drafted? but now they act surprised?

    This is going to court IMO …..seems to much like they are stalling for some reason