Is it the End of an Era?

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The Miami Dolphin organization has had it’s share of notable people leaving indelible marks and memories. Without question, none more greater than the Don Shula and Dan Marino days. Maybe Mary Hopkins put it best with this one his one hit wonder.

The years have passed, the players are different and the game has evolved into what it is today. However, there is always one unyielding constant. Change! Someday, we will all look back and say, remember old what’s his name? Well, why wait??

Enough of the nostalgia! I am getting teary eyed and my computer keys are getting sticky. The era likely ending this year is the tandem of Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams. With the draft of Thomas and the signing of Bush, what are the realistic chances of either coming back? Sadly, RB & RW will likely go down in Fins history as a failed experiment; no doubt due to the lack of a franchise QB and formidable passing game, much like the days of no running game and lack of defense when Dan was throwing for 500 yards and the O was scoring 30 to 40 points on a consistent basis. Let’s take a brief look at both, starting with RW.

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