10 Possible Short Timers

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Mount Vernon Carey

It happens every year at this time. Call it what you want; changing of the guard, in with the new and out with the old, but change is coming. Some players will announce retirement under media fanfare while others will just fade away. After all, no player lasts forever. Well, no player except for maybe Brett Farve.  It is the nature of all types of athletics, and the Dolphins are not exempt.

After carefully analyzing the depth of each position, taking into account the age and skill set of every player and studying all possible financial implications, I have decided to use a very complicated system of identifying the players likely to leave for one reason or another. I call it the “WAG” technique, short for Wild Ass Guess.  I  employed a  Las Vegas style odds system to measure confidence in the pick. This is a particularly daunting task because the FO is still creating their reputation. Giving Paul Solai almost 13 million dollars a year sends one type message, while hard nose negotition for a possible franchise QB like Orton certainly sends another.

Note that Channing Crowder would have probably not been on my list. I was certain A.J. Edds would have a year and CC would be gone at the end of the upcoming season. So far 0-1. Grins!

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