Addition By Subtraction

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Reviewing our first round selections since the ‘trifecta’ has taken over our team
2008 – Jake Long
2009 – Vontae Davis
2010 – Jaded Ordrik
2011  – Mike Pouncey

With the exception of 2009, all interior line selections. 

Now reviewing our Free Agents signings from this year:

Tony McDaniel – Re-signing DL
Marc Colombo – free agent OL
Ronald Fields – Free agent DT
Jason Taylor – OLB
Kevin Burenett – OLB/ILB

All the above players are positions inside the trenches.  We implement a 3-4 Defence which means that Linebackers will be on line of scrimmage, thus including them in this category.

Pop quiz, name one rumour you have heard about bringing in a Free Safety? Or adding another Tight end to compete in camp?


Tony and Jeff our implementing and building their team on how they were taught by Bill Parcells, which is building from within, however,  from what we have seen these past few years this hasn’t really played out that well.

Our weakest position is the secondary, specifically the Safety positions.  We wanted to have depth at the positions with Chris Clemons, Reshad Jones, and Jonathon Amaya.  But Amaya was traded part of the Reggie Bush deal, which eliminates him from our team.  As of right now, we are left with Chris Clemons and Rasheed Jones, which doesn’t leave you with that warm fuzzy feeling…..

Clemons had a poor year last year.  Regardless of what you think, he was the weakest link on our secondary.  Opposing teams continued to go over the top against us, since they knew he wasn’t up for the challenge.  Across several media outlets, this concern has been stated:

“Concerns? Certainly, free safety. Chris Clemons has worked mostly with the starters in camp, but Reshad Jones said he has received some first-team snaps, and Sparano praised Jones for being around the ball so far.

What’s troubling with Clemons: His 2010 play was ranked 61st among safeties by Pro Football Focus, and he allowed 17 of the 29 balls thrown at him to be caught, (three went for scores), with the 19.3 average completion sixth-worst among safeties. Plus, he whiffed on 10 tackles”

Extracted from Miami Herald


“Chris Clemons and Rashad Jones have done an admirable job of learning the position and attempting to play at a high level”

Extracted from Bleacher Report


“The Dolphins like their team, believe it or not. While folks outside the organization are wondering when they are going to wake up and address the tight end position, when they are going to add a second starting-caliber wide receiver, or when they are going to get a playmaking safety, Miami personnel department people are actually telling agents they really like their team.”

Extracted from Miami Herald


The Dolphins must decide if they want to spend to upgrade the free safety spot or continue investing in Chris Clemons, Reshad Jones

Extracted from Sun-Sentinel

The concern has also been expressed here our on Phinphantic website and forum. 

“When you take a look at the entire Miami Dolphins Defensive unit and you look for a weakness or an area to exploit, you don’t have to look any further than the Free Safety position.”

Extracted from Phinphantic


I know there are times where we the fans, like to believe we have more knowledge then our front office on a few perspectives, but when there is overwhelming concern brought forth by local and nation media outlets, why does it fall on deaf ears?

Maybe our front office is still crushed over their passed relationships, specifically with signing Girbril Wilson to a fat contract, and then dumping him a few season ago? But time heals all, and it’s time to move on…go on…take a risk.


If Tony and Jeff continue to express their ‘like’ for our internal players, can we at least have a true evaluation? Last training camp, Chris Clemons was all the talk, about his reads on the field and how many plays he has been in…well that didn’t work out to well in the regular season.  Now we are hearing the same thing about Reshad Jones and Jimmy Wilson…I for one, am not going to fall into this trap again. 

The Free Agent pool is starting to dry up, the top names that would have excited than fans, have signed with new teams.  We are left with no key players unless there are some salary cuts or aged veterans getting beat out at camp.  

I can respect Tony and Jeff from their continued development, but I don’t understand why we continue to add to our strongest positions and leave weakness on our team.  Being a part of any team has taught me to always stand united, strong, and together; one voice, one sound.  Based on what we are seeing with our team its looks like they are fine just putting our players in the trenches.


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