What will the Phins get with Matt Moore?

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The table above shows just how terrible Moore’s 2010 year was relative to his relatively outstanding year of 2009.  So, it is hard to judge whether the Dolphins will see the 2009 or 2010 version of Matt Moore.  However, looking at his overall body of work, Moore will provide the Dolphins with a 60% completion percentage passer that throws the ball downfield, but takes a relatively high amount of sacks.  If you look at Moore’s TDs/INTs ratio, you will see that he tends to have a Dr. Jeckyl/Mr. Hide type of performance both in college and in the pros — oh great, just what the Dolphins need. 

The table below summaries Chad Henne’s performance during his last two years of college and his last two years in the pros.  In comparison to Moore, the only real difference is that Moore tends to throw the ball downfield more, whereas Henne checkdowns a little more often.  And, Henne tends to take a little less number of sacks.  But, the Dr. Jeckyl/Mr. Hide character of both shows thru. 

Just for kicks and for sake of stirring up even more controvery, the tables below include similar stats for Kyle Orton and Carson Palmer.  Please pay particular attention to the TDs/INTs ratio and the consistency.  But, I will let you judge for yourself how they compare to Henne and Moore.

In my opinion, I think Jeff Ireland was looking for one of those “acorn” in Moore.  He is hoping, no praying that the 2011 Matt Moore looks more like the 2009 Matt Moore — if so, then the Phins have a real QB competition.  If the Phins get the 2010 Matt Moore, then he will be just a back-up and the Phins are stuck with Chad Henne.  I personally think the better alternatives are shown in the last two tables.

What do you think?

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