Miami Dolphins Make Roster Moves - No, Not Brett Favre

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The Miami Dolphins have officially opened the 2011 NFL league new year.  The CBA has been signed, dotted, and crossed, voted on, ratified, and whatever else you want to throw in there.  It’s done.  No going back, 10 years of labor peace.  The Dolphins were one of a handful of teams who shuffled their practice schedules to allow their new acquisitions an opportunity to join their teammates on the field.

Matt Moore?  Check.  Reggie Bush?  Check.  Kevin Burnett?  Check.  Jason Taylor? Check.

In addition to the names that were brought in through free agency, the Dolphins had a few of their own restricted FA’s that they needed to get signed.  Unfortunately, they couldn’t do anything until the league year began.  So welcome back Kory Sheets and Nate Garner.  Yesterday offensive lineman James Marten announced that he was retiring.  Thus continuing an annual tradition of at least one player quitting the Miami heat.

Then there was the news of number 4.  The retired, un-retired, retired, un-retired, retired, un-retired…oh my, you get the idea.  Brett Favre.  It was asked to Tony Sparano about interest in the currently retired QB to which Sparano said in usual fashion,  “I can’t rule anything out.”  Which then basically became a massive internet “Favre Watch” on just about all of the networks, local papers, and web sites.  “I can’t rule anything out.”  Sparano would have had the same response if the question was about Johnny Unitas.

The Dolphins opened their practice last night to a spattering of “We wan’t Henne” cheers…not a lot but a little.  Mainly in response to the cat calls of “We wan’t Orton” on Monday night.

I tend not to put a lot of stock in practice performances which is why I rarely post practice workout information here.  I’ll cover the injuries as much as I can and tidbits of information that we may find useful in regards to how the team will shape up but in reality, practices in Miami are like this:

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