Miami Dolphins Make Roster Moves - No, Not Brett Favre

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7 – 7 drills – they are exactly that, 7 on 7 and not 11.

Contact – there isn’t any and I really don’t get the “Jason Taylor sacked Matt Moore on his first play” stuff.  There is no contact so no, JT only got into the back-field without taking a hit.

Interceptions – It’s difficult for QB’s and WR’s to develop timing in one week, especially when it’s a QB who hasn’t worked with WR’s before.  It’s easier for CB’s and S’s to read patterns this early so it’s more likely that passes will be picked.

Trench Battles – think of this as a slap fest with helmets and shoulder pads or better yet sumo wrestling.  They connect, they lock, they push forward, they push back, they break.  It can be physical and fights can break out, but it’s not full contact with the same level as hatred a game has.

Running backs – whether they are busting it up the middle for a 50 yard run or getting “2-hand” touched behind the line of scrimmage, there is no contact.  See the theme here?  Runners need to be hit.  Daniel Thomas needs that “welcome to the NFL” knockdown in a real game situation to get a feel for the game, not a two hand touch or a wrap-up behind the line.

The truth is practices are practices.  They go through the motions, in walk-throughs.  They learn and implement different aspects of the playbook, coaches get to see how players will react in a certain situation and how they will act in another.  It’s about conditioning and stamina, about leadership and drive.  That’s why I’m not shaking my head at the reports that this veteran is being outplayed by that rookie or that other rookie looks like a bust.

In another week, the Dolphins will play their first pre-season game against the Atlanta Falcons and that is when we will first get to see how all of these players really look.  That is when the camp battles, in my opinion actually begin.

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