Chad Henne and the Total QBR

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This past week, ESPN unveiled a new rating system for NFL QBs.  It is called the Total Quarterback Rating (QBR).  The ESPN website describes it as:

 “The Total Quarterback Rating is a statistical measure that incorporates the contexts and details of throws and what they mean for wins.  It’s built from the team level down to the quarterback, where we understand first what each play means to the team, then give credit to the quarterback for what happened on a play based on what he contributed.

Here are the Total QBR basics (as delineated on the ESPN website):

  • Scoring:  0-100 — where 100 is the highest QB score and an average QB would be 50.
  • Win Probability:  All QB plays are scored based on how much they contribute to a win.  By determining expected point totals for almost any situation, Total QBR is able to apply points to a quarterback based on every type of play he would be involved in.
  • Dividing Credit:  Total QBR factors in such things as overthrows, underthrows, yards after the catch and more to accurately determine how much a QB contributes to each play.
  • Clutch Index:  How critical a certain play is based on when it happens in a game is factored into the score.
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