Dolphins' Chad Henne A Leader?

There are a lot of things going on at Miami Dolphins training camp this year.  There are new running backs battling for roster spots and depth positions, linebackers who are trying to make a mark, and the questions surrounding the lack of a productive number 2 TE to run 2 TE sets, but nothing will be as publicly scrutinized as the competition or lack of at the quarterback spot.

It’s simple.  It’s Chad Henne vs. Chad Henne and Matt Moore vs. Matt Moore for the number 2 spot with Pat Devlin and Kevin O’Connell battling for either the third spot or the practice squad.

While Henne is slowly starting to swing his play into a favorable light and Matt Moore is still getting his feet wet, one story that is emerging from Miami is a bit more surprising.  Chad Henne is emerging from the locker room as a team leader.

If we jump back in time to the beginning of the new year.  The real new year, January.  The Dolphins hired Brian Daboll to run their offense.  Daboll and Henne met over the course of a day or two and knocked out instructions on how to read and more importantly teach the new playbook.  The Dolphins were fined for the interaction.  The lockout started and Henne and Jake Long began immediately organizing player only workouts.  In fact, the Dolphins were one of the first teams to hold such workouts and they managed to keep them going most of the off-season.

Now, with training camp in full swing, it’s Henne that is fielding the players questions.

It’s been recently reported that the Miami Dolphins offensive players are bending the ears of Chad Henne with regards to certain areas of the playbook, an issue that head coach Tony Sparano calls a good problem.  The fact is that until this year, Dolphins offensive personnel didn’t lean on Henne for much of anything, if anything at all.  In fact, it’s been more than reported that Henne often caught abuse from his teammates for not doing more.

Televised last year in one game, Henne was seen being yelled at walking off the field by TE Anthony Fasano.  Henne never said a word.  That’s not to say that Henne suddenly is getting into the faces of his players and vocally leading this team on the field.  It would almost shock me if he did.  The fact that he is being leaned on for a more cerebral reason is a good sign that his players are trusting him to not only lead them, but provide them with the right information.

It’s the kind of leadership that players in New Orleans have with Drew Brees, in Indy with Manning, and NE with Brady.  Now if Henne can put the knowledge of the system he has into his play then the team may start believing that he is their undeniable field general…a term that has not been used to describe Chad Henne in his three year NFL career.

This is a make or break year for Chad Henne, no question.  His contract is up at the end of the season and he will not be back in Miami if he doesn’t succeed now…and if he doesn’t succeed this year, he will find the free agent market about as dry and demanding as the Dolphins desire to give him another contract.

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  • Bob4

    Wish full thinking on the part of the writer, but we all know Brian is holding Henne’s jock like he’s done in the past OVER and OVER. Well gee great now what about these facts regarding Henne: 1.)Checks down constantly. 2.)Easy read for defenses. 3)No fire in the belly “It’s not life or death” after a loss. 4.)Has a terrible deep ball. 5.)No pump fake. 6.)Limited mobility. 7.) Limited intelligence. 8.) No mental toughness “yea it hurt my feelings deep down” Basically a pig is still a pig and Phin fans will see another scrub QB in about week 4.

  • Phinphanatic

    Lol…and nowhere in that piece did i say Henne was going to play well this year…Just pointing out one change from years past.

  • Bob4

    It’s “implied.” Look it up.

  • GeneHauze

    Everyone is getting excited that Henne connected with Marshall for 3 TDs. I hate to burst the joy buble, but I think it is important to point out that the secondary was in man-on-man coverage without any help from the safeties — during the netire scrimmage. I doubt that many teams would rely on man-on-Marshall coverage. I think it was easy pickings for Henne — but, at least he completed that passes which I guess is a bonus when it comes to Henne. It is also important to point out that Sean Smith was on Marshall for I think all three TDs — Davis faired much better. This raises some concern about possible early season problems with Sean Smith — again!

  • fins4ever

    If he hasn’t already, Sparano needs to name Henne captain of the offense.

    I was happy to hear that Henne and Marshall had a great day, now let’s work on mixing it up. Would love to hear he was 13 of 20 with 7 different guys!

  • Phinphanatic

    I didnt imply anything

  • Phinphanatic

    fins thats my concern as well. That he will lock on to Marshall and then check down…or once the games get going freaks and goes into his normal mode. Its nice to see him becoming a leader, but they wont follow him if he doesnt win.

    And yes Hauze, its just a practice.

  • mainedolfan13

    Brian….can’t believe you “implied” Henne is as good as Brees, Manning and Brady! Sheeesh!! :-)

  • Bob4

    Welcome to the Official Chad Henne fan club…

  • Jhizzle

    Do you think there is a chance that Henne gets signed to a 1-2yr deal regardless of this seasons record just so they dont have to go through what they did this FA trying to aquire a veteren QB? We know (assume/hope) that they are going to be drafting a QB with a high pick in ’12 and they are going to need a veteren in place until the rookie learns the system.

  • Phinphanatic

    Really depends on his year. I think barring a drew Brees turnaround the phins will be looking next year early in the draft. With matt moore signed i cant see them signing Henne for two seasons…he will leave first. IMO. Its make or break for him.

  • JoeyCimino

    hahhaha u dolphin fans think u have a chance? jets r gonna whoop ur @** this year. u guys won’t win 6 games.

  • RandyCarlson



    obviously your still mad that you could not get into that special bar saturday night

    with your fake ID. go back to the ganggreen nation with all the special- special friends.i’m sure you will find someone to hold you.

    on this site real men discuss football.

  • Lespaul

    new coordinator, new O-line and backs, new offensive scheme….lets see what the kid can do. If it’s the same old check-down Chad, then down the river with him.

  • phinfandan

    Wow, (Bob4) were you not hugged as a child? The word is WISHFUL not WISH FULL (get a dictionary). All the writer meant was that Henne has an opportunity to turnh a corner just like Brees did in year 3. Brees was garbage before with all the exact same problems and stats as Henne. Oh wait, we only remember the superstar that won the Superbowl. It’s funny how nobody wanted him after his shoulder surgery, but now that he has accomplished something, it’s like “I can’t believe we passed on him”, like 1 good year out of 3 and a shoulder injury is what most people jump for. Wrong. He looked like damaged goods, but he done well and I’m happy for him. Everyone thought Culppepper was going to be a savior based on his pretty good resume he had with the Vikes. You win some, you lose some. It is what it is!

    Henne has had the time to familiarizew himself with the play book. What we have working against us is all of the new linemen and runningbacks in our stable. Hopefully they can gel by the start of the season, but I don’t expect much until the 2nd or 3rd week of the season. Here’s hoping for a fantastic year for the Dolphins!