Five Keys To Making The Playoffs

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Hope is eternal in late August for NFL fans. Every team is undefeated and every fan confident the off season changes are just what the doctor ordered to

Playoffs? Playoffs???

succeed. Why not talk about the playoffs? It is never too early, only too late. Here are 5 key things the Miami Dolphins must do to make the playoffs.

  • Do no worse than split with division foes: Being in what is arguably the toughest division in all of football, making the playoffs will be no easy task. Both the Pats and Jets are expected to have wins in double digits. It is critical that Miami do no worse than split the six games with the Pats, Jets and Bills. Sweeping either of the three would be a plus.


  • Win at Home: Sadly, the Fins have not had a home field advantage since the Orange Bowl. Sunlife Stadium is not particularly loud and on many Sunday’s, the fans of the opponents out number the hometown fans. I suppose that is the price you pay by having a sports team in a part of the country where the favorable weather and lifestyle attract people from all over. Worse yet, the schedulers have not been kind to us, partly at the prodding of Stephen Ross. Mr. Ross has requested more 4:00 p.m. games for the sake of fan comfort in the earlier / hotter portion of the season. Apparently, gone are the days where 94 degree heat and 85% humidity on a 1:00 p.m. September Sunday afternoon became an advantage. If you recall, once upon a time during the Shula era, the Miami Dolphins had the best September record in the entire NFL. Let’s not talk about December. Regardless, it is critical that the team find a way to win at home.


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