Five Keys To Making The Playoffs

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  • Get Production From the Quarterback: No brainer, right? The way the game has changed, it has become virtually impossible to have Superbowl aspirations without possessing at least an above average QB. Thirteen touchdowns and twenty interceptions will not make it in the NFL, and will most likely end the career of Chad Henne as a Miami Dolphin.  However, I am a believer in Chad and expect a much improved year given the fact he has a new OC and a new set of weapons in the running game. Go Chad!

    • The Offensive Line Must Come Together: Last year the O line was devastated by injuries and multiple other problems. It seemed like every week there were players switching positions. The Center spot was a particular sore spot.  This is a whole new year. Hopefully Nate Garner is healthy, John Jerry will come out of his “funk” and “Mount Vernon Carey” will have an outstanding year at RG. With the addition of Pouncey, hopefully starting at Center, Big Jake getting healthy and Rich Incognito returning, I look for good things.  We have three 1st round picks starting on the O line (Long, Carey & Pouncey), and Tony Sparano is an experienced O line coach. There is no reason the O line should not be able to protect Henne and open up holes for Reggie Bush and company. Again, this element of the game will be critical for Miami.


    • Finally, they must play to win: Is it just me or does it seem the past mentality been “play not to lose?” No more playing for a field goal. No more predictable play calling. No more punting on 4th and 1 trailing by 10 points with 4 minutes to go in the game. They must take calculated risks and stop being so conservative.  Perhaps having such a solid defense has promoted this conservative type thinking, but it is time to let the offense loose!

    Did I cover all the things that need to go right for the Fins to make the playoffs? No, of course not. Did I cover the MOST IMPORTANT aspects? I hope so. It was tough narrowing it down to only five elements. I could have easily named 10 or even 15. Afterall, what are you thinking Fins? You never mentioned the running or passing game, the defense,  rooks coming in or the importance of staying healthy. No, I didn’t, but those things need to come together as well.

    Fins4ever! ~

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