Miami Dolphins Face Atlanta Falcons Tonight

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The Miami Dolphins and Atlanta Falcons will face off tonight in each teams first pre-season game.  It’s the first action for either team in the still young 2011 NFL season.  Traditionally, teams have time to scrimmage and practice against other NFL teams prior to the start of the pre-season games.  Obviously not this year.  Most believe that pre-season should be shortened to two or three games because they are meaningless.  After a lot of thought on the subject, I don’t buy that anymore.

Sure, the NFL makes a mint on pre-season games.  Full price tickets to watch back-ups and “never wills” play football.  So what?  The atmosphere surrounding a pro-game is electric…even meaningless ones.  It’s football.  For over a third of each team, this will be the only chance to play at this level.  Cuts will happen this week and someones dream of playing in the NFL will end.  That’s a sad reality…so take the time to watch those guys give it everything they have.

Tonight, the Dolphins and Falcons will meet and it’s likely that neither team will field much in the way of starters.  This is where new additions get some reps, draft picks get their reps, and the deep back-up get to prove their worth.  It’s where an undrafted free agent gets an opportunity to prove he has the chops to contribute on special teams and maybe, just maybe, make the practice squad or in that rare instance, the final 53.

So what should you be watching tonight or on the NFL Replay?  Continue reading to find out.

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  • phinfandan

    I’m looking forward to see how Matt Moore does tonight. I live in Charlotte and got to see a few good games in 2009, but 2010 was hard to judge because the whole team was so horrible that year. I hope Henne does good, but I do like the energy that Moore brings to the game. It’ like when Thigpen would come in, the pace of the game would just change.

    I don’t imagine we will see much of Bush, but I would like to see what kind of runs the backs break off. Can they turn the corners like Ricky and break loose for 20 yards? We’ll see.

    The last but not least thing I want to see is the speed of Gates. Some say he is faster thatn Ginn some say different. I want to see what gear he plays in. Sparano said he’s on a different gear, so I would like to see what he means by that.

    All in all, this was good post. It’s pretty much what I would expect for the 1st game and only 8 days of practice. Go Dolphins!!!!!

  • libman.robert1

    After we see what Chad can do..maybe we could talk about Carson a tought..

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  • phinfandan

    The Carson Palmer scenario is very intriguing. He seems to have been on the down side of his career, but that could be to the Bengals being horrible. They lost TJ., Chris Henry and I just think that they have a bad O line all around.

    I’m not sure why Mike Brown will not even try to get something out of him, because the Bengals can use all of the extra picks they can get. If I were Carson, I would come back just to collect a paycheck and avoid injury until Mike Brown got tired of it and just cut him or traded him.

    Either way it would have been nice to get an experienced quarter back to push Henne. I think that Henne has the goods, but he just lacks the confidence. It seems that he is getting some but he should just try to have fun and let loose. Perhaps the fact that Henning is not there anymore might allow him to let the ball fly more.

    I can’t wait to see what the dolphins do with all of the offensive weapons they have now in Bush, Marshall, Bess, Hartline & Gates. I think we finally have a good core and hopefully the O Line plays better with all of the new pieces in place regardless if they came from Dallas or not. Should be very interesting!

  • Phinphanatic

    I don’t see Palmer happening. Mike Brown will not allow a trade and will just let Palmer retire. He is very stubborn with that stuff and always has been.

  • Lespaul

    This team will live and die by the O-line. It’s That simple and has to get sorted out. If its the same mess as last year, then the Dolphins will be competing for third place again this year.

    Also, I beg to differ about the Tight End spot being ‘boring’. Perhaps you meant that within the context of how Miami utilizes …or NOT utilizes that position. You look at how NE kicked everyone’s ass using Hernandez and Gradkowski last year to see how this position is often overlooked. Talent is one thing, but are the two aforementioned guys all that or a product of a well crafted system takes advantage of their strengths? The tight end spot was non-existent for Miami last year so if they want to stay competitive and move the chains, this position needs more attention.

  • phinfandan

    I totally agree with you, they can be pretty creative with the tight ends and using Bush as a back field receiver. There is no reason they can’t take advantage of defenses using this style of attack.

  • Phinphanatic

    I’m a little surprised I used the word boring but I suppose to put it into context, it’s more along the line that Anthony Fasano is the starter and after that are ?’s. It’s not even really a battle for who is going to step up as much as who is going to make the roster in my opinion. As you pointed out though, it’s more how they use the TE then the TE’s themselves.

  • phinfandan

    I’m actually wondering why they didn’t try to target one of the better TE’s that became available in Free Agency, besides Shockey earlier in the year.i thought I read somewhere that we had cap space to spare. It would have been nice to have an extra option. it would be like New Orleans and all of their offensive power.

  • fins4ever

    @phinfandan Agree Dan. I thought this was going to be the year they finally started putting some emphasis on the TE. If Parcells had not brought Fasano, we would have no one. Pitiful!

    Isn’t Daboll known for 2 TE sets? I thought for sure they were going to target Miller. Shockey will not be missed.