How Important Are Preseason Games? (Poll)

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Tony Cheering on the Team

How important are preseason games in order to prepare for the regular season? Is it necessary to have four? Is it important to win? Do you believe the preseason win / loss record is indicative of the upcoming season? With less than two weeks of practices, no OTA’s and  no training camp, have you noticed a significant drop off in the level of play?


Oh, by the way, here is last years preseason results. Note that Chicago was 0-4 and made a deep playoff run. Dallas was 3-2 and didn’t come close to a playoff spot. The rebuilding 49’ers were a whopping 4-0. Did you know that Tony Sparano is 9-3 in preseason / exhibition, 10-3 if you count the recent win over the Atlanta Falcons?


I admit it, I have been an advocate of reducing the number of preseason games from four to two in order to increase the regular season games from 16 to 18 for quite sometime now. I was disappointed the new CBA did not expand the regular season.  I am not even sure the option was ever on the table for discussion, nonetheless how it was presented. If the players received compensation for the extra two games, I can’t see how they could turn it down. Apparently, from the discussions I have been in and the forums I have read, I am in the minority. Regardless, with the CBA signed for the next ten years, it becomes a moot point.


Why do I feel that way? For me, watching a preseason NFL game is much like a preseason baseball game.  The veterans you want to see, play sparingly and 90% of the rest will be a forgotten memory in less than a month . Yes, watching preseason games is for only the most savvy football fan. Those that want to see how their teams draft picks are developing. That is not to say the preseason is not important to the game, or it is not enjoyable to watch. It is! After seven months of no NFL football, anything would suffice, but a preseason game will never match a regular season match-up.

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