Consistency ... It's The Darnedest Thing!

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Consistency … It is is the darnedest thing.  Do you remember October 12, 2009?  It might have been one of the Dolphins most exciting games of the last decade.  And, it was against the dreaded Jets!  The final … Dolphins 31 and the Jets 27!  And, Chad Henne looked like the second coming of … dare I say those dreaded two words … Dan Marino.  Not THE next Dan Marino.  But, the COULD POSSIBLY BE  next Dan Marino.

Henne has a Gun for an arm and still wants to win.

I have the game recorded on DVD.  I watch it sometimes when I get depressed about the Dolphins.  Heck, I used it to teach American football when my father-in-law came over from Ukraine in December 2009.  He had never seen an American football game before.  And after watching that game, he understood the fundamentals of the game in 3 hours.  It had everything and he loved it.  He actually became an instant fan of American football watching all the pro and college games while here in the winter of 2009-2010.

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